Thursday, 15 September 2011

Like the deserts miss the rain...

I have been busy.

I have been busy juggling with the new baby, his sister the jealous porcupine, his other rebellious sister, his happy-go-lucky brother, last but not least... his quality-control father.

I have been busy with my thesis, seminar and conferences, publication, teaching workload.

I have been busy with the house chores. Cooking, washing, cleaning, blabbering, nagging...

On top of everything, I feel old, tired and perhaps rusty too. Start to snore when asleep. Capable of dozing off while mopping the floor.

This blog has been totally quiet and dead for the past four months. Even my followers ran away one by one. I used to have 47 followers, three were struck with boredom so they ran off leaving the other 44 still contemplating either to follow suit or show some pity and stay. And within these four months of being absent, I later discovered that I've missed too many things about my dearie sister bloggers.

I feel so bad.
Please forgive me.

Missed you much. All of you. That's for sure.

Please remember me in your duas. I need strength to finish my thesis. Just a li'l bit more.

Just a li'l bit more.....



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