Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Al-Hijama and the Isra' Mikraj

Wanna know what we both husband and wife did last week?

We detoxisified the dirty blood in our body using the traditional blood cupping! Sounds scary to some people especially those who are afraid of the sight of blood, but interesting and adventurous to us who were so curious to know how it feels like after the treatment!

Blood cupping (also known as Al-Hijama) is one of the Sunnahs of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. On the night when Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. was ascended to the sky for Isra', he went through the process of blood cupping to clean and purify himself.  

 Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said,
"I did not pass by any group of angels on the night of Al Isra', unless they said to me, O Muhammad, tell your Ummah to do Hijama."
(Reference: Ibn Majah, 3477)

The Prophet S.A.W. also said:
"If there is anything good in the medicines with which you treat yourselves, it is in the incision of the Hijama therapist, or a drink of honey or cauterization with fire, but I do not like to be cauterized."
(Reference: Muslim, 2205).

Muslim believers are encouraged to experience the blood cupping at least once in a life time. It is said that blood cupping is able to prevent from 93 critical/cronic illness! Masya-Allah!  You can read more of the information on Hijamah here in English language and here in Malay language.

The traditional cupping practitioner, who perfers to be known as Embong, has been helping people with various health problem for many years ever since he is a young lad. For each cupping session he will set a reasonable charge, depending on the number of cups used and the seriousness of the health problem. He told us that dirty (bad) blood creates lots of health problem, and that the most feared one is stroke. This dirty blood is restored under the skin surface and does not flow together within the clean (good) blood in the blood vessels. Gradually, it will become toxin that harms your body. 

First step is to suck out air from the cup using a special pump. When this is done, the cup will be attached to the scalp, it could not be removed easily, as if it is glued to the scalp. After a few minutes, a huge 'bump' will emerge in the cup due to the sucking effect. Embong will then remove the cup, make nine tiny wound using a sharp blade and then put the cup back on the scalp and suck the air out again.

Within a few seconds, the dirty blood will come out from the tiny wound made. Irrespective of how much dirty blood you store in your body, it will be sucked out slowly but effectively through the process.

So how do you decide if it is a dirty blood? If your blood colour is dark, brownish red and it has a thick texture, then that is dirty blood. Good blood (clean) should contain more hemoglobin and oxygen, which is reflected in its brighter (lighter) red colour. For comparison, the colour of dirty blood is like the one in the cup, and the colour of a clean blood should be similar to the colour of the shirt sleeve.

Once when the cup is about a quarter to half full, it is removed and replaced with new cup. My husband has to change the cup for seven times! Can you see the jelly look alike blood clot? Eww! Nasty!

In the seventh (last) cup, Embong spotted some white bubbles coming out and accumulated in the cup. He told us this is the worst toxin that could ever exist in our body. He was glad he has been able to suck it out. The white bubbles can be related to many health complications, especially migraine, high blood pressure, severe headache, and many more. Can you see the dustbin with blood discharge from the cup at the bottom left of the picture?

Next is to suck the dirty blood from other various parts of the body, starting with the back, chest, stomach, and further down to the pair of legs. Same procedure took place here, except that this time razor blade is no longer used on the skin. 

After a minute, this is how it looked like.

Cupping procedure done at the back of the body.

About an hour afterwards, the session completed for the back of the body.  Can you see some circles darker than the others? According to Embong, the darker spots represent problematic areas within the body. Examples are back pain, high cholestrol level, bad fat compositions, etc.

My husband resting for a while before the session continued with his legs. Our maid was so scared to see these blood circles on his body that she refused to come closer. The fact is, though it looks bloody awful, the process is almost painless.

Cupping revealed cholestrol problem on the left chest (near the heart).

And finally, cupping at the neck areas as prevention to avoid stroke and heart attack that could either cause paralysis or death.

I went through the cupping process too, but in a closed session handled by Embong's wife. Nevertheless, the dirty blood that came out of my body is not as much as my husband's. Embong said women discharge their dirty blood on monthly basis through their menstrual period, so it is not surprising even if no blood come out at all during the cupping process. On the contrary, men do not have any alternative to naturally dispose their dirty blood accumulated in the body. That is why the rate of men getting severe illness or dying at young age is higher compared to women. Hmmm....How I feel blessed becoming a woman! You should try it too, one day. It's not a painful process at all, I promise.

Three days after the cupping session, here is my husband's observation and comment:

1. No more serious headache
2. Body feels lighter and energetic
3. He feels happier and more organised in planning
4. Better appetite
5. Clearer sight (eye vision)
6. Calm and peaceful
7. No more mood swing and bad temper

As for me, I am much happier now. No heavy, sleepy head in the morning because there is no more sleepless ordeal at nights. No more fatigue. Also, at this point of time, I have not experienced any migraine yet, and hopefully it will be gone forever. I can concentrate more on my study now.

Mission accomplished.


  1. Fantastic!!!
    I am also planning for the cupping treatment but it scares me when I hear the process. Your post gave educated me regarding the entire process, MashaAllah. InshaAllah, I will look forward to this treatment in Dubai/ Sharjah. Thanks for sharing it, Sis:)

  2. Fantastic!!!
    I am also planning for the cupping treatment but it scares me when I hear the process. Your post gave educated me regarding the entire process, MashaAllah. InshaAllah, I will look forward to this treatment in Dubai/ Sharjah. Thanks for sharing it, Sis:)

  3. MashaAllah, this is such a detailed post. My husband and I were thinking about hijamah a few days ago, but didn't have much idea about it.

    I have a few questions: did it hurt the next day? Were you given any ointment to put over the red patches? And how many days before the marks faded away?

    Jazakallah for all the information, Sis.

  4. Dear masoodmemon and nadia,

    I am happy that you both find the post interesting and helpful. The process took us about 2 hours per person for whole body cupping. And no, sis Nadia, Insya-Allah it did not hurt at all after the session completed. You'll only feel a bit tired during the process because you have to sit still and can't move around much. Worst case, you'll only feel as if you're stung by ants due to the sucking effect of the cups. But believe me, once the cups are removed, all the inconveniences will go away almost instantly.

    I think the most scary part of the process is cupping the head. We both had our hair removed and shaved clean on the selected spot (only at the size of the cup, of course) for the purpose. And cupping on this area made you fell as if someone is gripping and pulling your hair and not let it go (also due to the sucking effect of the cup).

    I know that elsewhere, practitioners will put a kind of ointment on the patches after treatment, but in our case, Embong told us to let it heal naturally. So we did not apply any ointment on the skin.

    It took about 2 to 3 days for the red spots to fade away. No need to worry, it is not visible for others to see unless you take off your clothes.

    As for the men, then there is a bit of a problem because they can't hide the cleared spot on their heads. My husband's solution is simple: he cut his hair short like a recruit. hahaha... But don't worry, hair grows very fast.

    masoodmemon, please make sure when you enquire about cupping treatment, choose only those who are really expert and if possible, based on good recommendation from those who have experienced it. Oh! another one more thing, there are many types of cupping, but only blood cupping is sunnah for us to do.

    Try it. You'll feel great!

  5. *HUGS* to you, Sis. You have truly helped us understand this procedure.

  6. Salams

    Interesting experience.

    We run a blog on hijamah at as a platform for therapists and patients to share knowledge and experiences on this mysterious 'forgotten' sunnah therapy.

    If you are happy to share your experience there via a guest blog-post, please email me on .

    JazakAllah Khair



  7. Waalaikum salam, Shuaib Suria

    I would be happy to assist in disseminating information and sharing the experience with all. Insya-Allah.

  8. Salaam Brothers and Sisters..
    If you can assist me on any Good Hijaamaah Experts like Embog in Sharjah I would be very greatfull to all of you..


    Jazaak Allaah Khair...


  9. Waalaikum salam, brother Mustafa

    I am unaware of any hijama therapist in Sharjah, but perhaps you can get some guidance from our brother Shuaib Suria, who is a therapist in London. Please visit his website at You'll get many useful information there, Insya-Allah.

  10. Asalam-u-alikum!
    I am very impressed and thank ful for the advices! I live in Norway and as far sa I know here are not any women who gives this treatment. I am going to Dubai in December, inshallah, and want to do hijama by one ladie, inshallah, do you have any suggetion?

  11. Salams all,

    For hijama in Dubai / Sharjah, please contact Dr Syed Asaduddin Ahmed for advice, his details are given below.

    Hope that helps



    Dr Syed Asaduddin Ahmed,
    Unani Medicine & Hijama Practitioner,
    Licensed by MOH & DOH,
    Hind Medical centre,
    Near cricket stadium
    United Arab Emirates.

    Ph.NO : 009716-5670309,
    Mob : 0097150-7243620.


  12. Assalaam Alaikum, Fellows did you had any sort of medical tests before the cupping therapy such as blood cp.

  13. Waalaikumussalam,

    No, I did not take any medical tests before the cupping therapy.

  14. Salaam

    I have read an interesting book on Hijama , really enlightening, it is also available in e-book format.


  15. Dear Sir,
    Good Day.
    I am pleased to inform you that I have written a manuscript on Medicine and Pharmacy. The manuscript is now getting ready for publication. It contains 25 chapters and nearly 1000 pages. The manuscript is aimed at filling up the gap of original work on Medicine and Pharmacy in the Prophetic Traditions. In the manuscript there is a chapter on cupping. I have selected several images of cupping on the back and I intend to paste one of them at the appropriate place in the text.
    I therefore, need your kind permission for reproducing the picture (s), which may be subject to copyright, in my manuscript. As a source of the images you will be acknowledged at the appropriate places in the text. Please note that I have already received permission from several other internationally reputed publishers, individual authors, websites owners and photographers.
    I look forward to welcoming your kind permission towards a noble work for the benefit and welfare of mankind. Please treat the matter urgent.
    With best regards,
    Yours faithfully,
    M M Hussain, PhD (Pharm)

    1. Dear Dr. Muhammad Musharraf Hussin,

      I would be more than happy to share the pictures with you, but as you can see, most of the images on my blog have now disappeared as a result from my lack of knowledge on the syncing of accounts. I am so sorry if this disappoint you. However, if you can, in any way, retrieve those pictures, then you may use it accordingly. Thank you.

    2. Slmz, we have many hijama pics that we have taken over the course of the 5 years we have been treating people with hijama cupping therapy. Please feel free to contact us if you require more hijama photos for your book. JAK Rashid,

  16. Slmz, My wife and myself are hijama therapists in London, UK. If anyone requires further information, please feel free to visit our website. JAK. Rashid

  17. Assalamu-alikum,
    I am very glad that I go through this article and I came to know about the great news about Hijama during "Isra" of our beloved Prophet. Thank you for sharing such a great Hadis.

  18. Waalaikumussalam,

    I am glad you benefit something from it, Anjum Shahzad. Take care!

  19. I have gone through hijama alhumdullah as sunnah.
    The person with bp issues should take preventive measures for any hijama session by consulting medical advice.
    The only feeling a person get is incision with blade once touched with it will go smoothly.
    Always recite quranic ayat during hijama it will help you to bear it.
    Rest i have done it as sunnah of Prophet P.B.U.H.

    A person feel sleepy once hijama do take rest and relax your body after eating/drinking something.

    Always observe hijama center equipment for sterilize blades and antiseptic things.

    Note: some people get instant result and some with multiple attempts.
    so donot be panic its sunnah shifa is always from allah almighty.

    Wish all best of luck who planning to perform hijama.

    1. Thank you so much! Your post contains so many useful tips especially for the first timers. Appreciate it so much.

  20. My wife and myself would be travelling to KL next week. And we would like to do Hijaama over there. Can you help on contact details for Hujaama Therapist / Clinic in KL.


    1. Hi Reshad

      Welcome to Kuala Lumpur! I hope you will enjoy your stay there.
      I am sorry I can't refer you to any specific Hijama clinic in KL because I have been living in Riyadh for 2 years now, so I am not updated with what transpired in KL. But you will find many therapist offering blood cupping services operated by the Muslims. InsyaAllah they are reliable and trusted. Good luck!

  21. Hi, great article and glad to see many people benefiting from cupping! We have recently opened a Hijama clinic in Peterbrough, UK. Please visit our website: for more information and bookings. Jazakallah.



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