Friday, 20 August 2010

Mornin' quickie

Mother's Day is way over, but just thought I'd share this with you. (Credits to the original author, whom I can't trace. JazakAllahu khairan kathira)

A young child walked up to her mother and stared at her hair.

As mother scrubbed on the dishes, the girl cleared her throat and sweetly asked;

"Why do you have some grey strands in your hair?"

The mother paused and looked at her daughter.

"Every time you disobey, I get one strand of grey hair.

If you want me to stay pretty, you better obey."

The mother quickly returned to her task of washing dishes.

The little girl stood there thinking.

She cleared her throat again.

"Mother?" She sweetly asked again.

"Yes?" her Mother replied.

"Why is Grandma's hair ALL grey?"

Hahaha...! If you were the mom, what would be your answer then?

Have you called / talked to your mom today?  Have a nice fasting and take care!


  1. I am laughing so hard right now that I can't even think what *my* answer would be :D

    I spoke with my mom over the phone yesterday. I was over at her place yesterday for iftar but since she's in Karachi these days, I missed her terribly.

  2. Sis Nadia, I miss my mom too! Our houses are only 60++km apart, but due to work loads and time constraint I seldom visit her nowadays. Just exchange phone calls. Wish she could stay with me forever!

  3. hahahahah this is so funny! love it, i had to tell this all my sisters :D
    Mashallah, what a lovely blog :)

    feel free to check my blog:

    Ramadan Kareem

  4. This is too funny! To tell you the truth, I'm not close to my mum. However, ever since mum retired, my parents have been visiting us often We're patching the gaps, Insha'Allah.

  5. Salaams, sis Zinah. Welcome to my blog. Alhamdulillah you like it. Many thanks. Insya-Allah will visit your blog today :)

    Salaams to you too, my dear sis Hajar. There is this unexplained beauty in the friendship between a mother and her daughter. And that sort of beauty does not exist between father and son, or father and daughter or any other relationship. Cherish every seconds when you are with your mom and you'll see the beauty for yourself. Love her! And smile always! :)



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