Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sharing happiness and love with all

I thought Eid Adha this year is going to be a quiet one, especially in my huffing and puffing and drowsy condition. Fortunately (I repeat here again, FORTUNATELY) I was wrong!

Lazy as I have been trying to portray myself for the past few weeks, come Eid Adha I can't simply lie down and close my eyes and ignore all the cheerful laughters of my children playing with their cousins when they came to visit us on the eve of Eid Adha. Suddenly the house was full of joy and colours that reflected happiness.

Thank you Allah. I am truly blessed.

I felt sorry then, that due to my laziness too, I didn't prepare any special food for the family this time. It left me in an awkward situation, really. In the past, be it Eid Fitr or Eid Adha, there were always variety of delicious food and we will all gather at the table and enjoy eating. The traditional ketupat and rendang ayam is a must, topped up with sambal tumis and kuah masak lodeh and sambal kacang. When I had that extra super girl power, I would prepare satay, nasi himpit and lemang too!

"It's okay, dear. We understand you" Mom smiled, while my sisters giggled behind her.

"As long as you allow me to 'eat' your cute baby porcupine, the rest is not important to me!" my brother said, staring a moment at my youngest daughter before he started to chase her.

Baby porcupine, the busiest person during Eid Adha
(baby porcupine is the nickname I gave my youngest daughter for she is super cute to us)

Masya-Allah, I am so happy.

That very morning on 10 Dzulhijjah, the whole family prepared themselves to go to the masjid for prayer, then became spectators to the slaughtering event. This year the masjid at our place received 14 cows to be sacrificed. All went there but me. My husband told me to just stay at home and rest.

I terribly felt guilty for not being able to spread any food on the table, so I decided I would use the time to bake a cake. Then I remembered Nadia's date and honey cake that I have always wanted to try but had not found the right time to do so yet. I said to myself, this is the best time to have a go at it, and headed into the kitchen.

Yummy date and honey cake, recipe contributed by sis Nadia Masood.
You can also try it. Click here for the recipe.

The cake was really simple and easy to bake. It tasted super yummy too! I ended up baking not one but THREE cakes!!! Can you magine that??? The nice aroma filled the house. Wonderful! Thank you, sis Nadia, for sharing the recipe with me. I love you!

I left one cake for the family and cut the other two and arranged them on the plates and started distributing them to neighbours. SubhanAllah, after few minutes the plates exchanged hands, they returned to my table with something else and soon the table was full of variety of food, just in time when the whole family came back from the masjid. Of course they were hungry by then and were also surprised to see lots of food waiting for them.

At 3 o'clock, clockwise: Ayam masak kicap, ketupat, nasi himpit,
rendang, sambal kacang and ayam masak merah. These are Malaysian
traditional food. Except for the date and honey cake in the middle,
none of these dishes were cooked in my kitchen.

"How did you prepare all these?" my husband asked.

"Let it be my little secret" I winked at him and started serving the food to all.

Masya-Allah, how beautiful life is when we share love and kindness with all the people around us.

Imagine how wonderful life could be if there were no war in this world.....

Only peace. Lots of smiles. Loving and caring for each other.

Let's pray for all our Muslim brothers and sisters who are suffering and struggling in their life at the moment. Pakistan, Palestine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Iraq, China....where ever they are in this world. They must have yearned for a decent, peaceful life, and I believe they deserve our prayers to help make it come true.

Let us also appreciate the freedom and happiness we experience now by offering zikr, lots and lots of zikr. We are nobody, we are nothing without the bless from Allah The Almighty.



Laailaha IllAllah.....

Allahu Akbar.....

Saturday, 13 November 2010

I can't help it....

I know this
has gone too much

Owh! Guilty I feel
But I can't do anything about it

I am sorry...
Can't help it
To write

ATTACKing me

Please forgive me
I am taking some time off....

z z z z z z z z  Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z

hrmm.... &&%*$&#&


sweet dreams everyone...
......see you later....



Thursday, 4 November 2010

She cheated death...SubhanAllah!

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Recently I received some pictures through email sent to me by a friend. These are pictures of an accident that took place some years ago in a northern state of Malaysia. The accident involved a crane that rammed over 3 cars before collided with another 2 cars from the opposite direction. It was a horrible scene that everyone thought the pregnant lady driver in the badly wrecked car that was under the crane that dragged it to the road side and into a drain had a perfect zero chance of survival. But then, Masya-Allah, everthing happens only if He wills it to happen. The very fortunate lady cheated death, with only tiny scratches on her body and SubhanAllah, her baby is safe too. Alhamdulillah.

ps: I am indebted to for the pictures. Thank you!

The crane skidded to the other side of the road, hit a car and landed on another
car and dragged it into a drain.

The car under the crane from rear view

The front view

Inside the car. Can you see her? SubhanAllah!

Man in blue in the husband of the lady driver. He did not give up easily.
He kept calling her names and made lots of duas for his wife.

If this is how the car looked like, I could never imagine anyone would survive in it...

There she was, terrified and scared... SubhanAllah.....

Lailahailla anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zhalimin....

People from the fire department worked hard to save her

Can you spot the lady? I can't stop crying looking at this picture....

They removed the crane using another crane

And finally managed to tear open the car and rescued the lady

It's amazing how she managed to survive...

The condition of the car

AstaghfiruLlah hal'azhim.....

Always remember Allah in whatever you do or wherever you go. The moment we stepped outside the house to head for work or any other destination, don't forget to recite some duas for our safety along the journey until we're back again. Our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. recited this dua everytime he left home;

Bismillahi tawakkaltu 'alallaah
Laa hawlawala quwwata illa billahil 'aliyyil 'azhim

May we all be protected from harm that comes in many ways. If we were to die today, pray Allah accept us with mercy and forgive all our sins. Ameen.

I pray that all the readers of my blog are in good health and happy and calm always and have good times with family and friends. Insya-Allah. Love you all!


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