Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Celebrating birthday....

What a long time since I last wrote in this blog.....

I have been busy juggling with study, family and personal matters. Earlier this month I was beheaded at the proposal defence session at the university. It was the scariest moment of the entire PhD life so far for me. It was the time when nothing works well with me, I can't sleep, I can't concentrate on the things I'm working on, I can't hear the sounds around me, my brain turned numb for many days.... Gosh! This is even worse than experiencing the midlife crisis!!!

Well, of course it was actually my own feelings and perception that made me behave like that. the session was a good one, honestly. And I received lots of encouraging feedback and suggestions to further enhance my study. No so bad after all...!

Soon after the session ended, I went back and packed all my things. The whole family went to Port Dickson for a holiday at the Legend Water Chalet. It's one of the newest fascinating place out of KL to go for a break and "lepak-lepak" till very late at night.

The hotel main building was erected by the sea side and our room emerged on the surface of the sea water. I celebrated my 37th birthday there. It was a nice treat, birthday cake, gift, kisses, hugs, photos, games, dinner, live band performance on stage, more gifts, laughter, strolling, relaxing....

Oh! By the way, the room rate was RM580 per night, so we spent only 2 nights there and checked out on the third day. Too expensive for an average person like me! I wonder how much money I would have to spend for a night stay at the Burj Hotel in Dubai. Perhaps I will have to put my house and car on sale just to be able to afford the "third class" room. People are willing to pay such a huge amount for some "reputable hotel atmostphere". Why? After all, you can't stay there forever, can you?

No matter how far you've traveled, you'll find your way back to your HOME SWEET HOME.....

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