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Umrah Ziarah Jordan 2010 The Series - Tour around Amman 1

During our stay in Amman, we visited three historical places that is related to Islam:
1) Ash-Habul Kahfi masjid and cave
2) Prophet Shu'ib's masjid and shrine
3) The Dead Sea

The story of Ash-Habul Kahfi

Walking to the masjid, which is situated on top of a hill

Relates about seven young men who embraced Islam but then forced to abandon the religion by the kafir people. In order to save themselves and protect their Iman (faith), they ran away and ended up in a cave. Satisfied that the cave is a safe place to hide, they decided to take some rest but soon fell asleep.

The outskirt of Amman, I think Kampung Baru is 1000 times nicer...

The seven young men later woke up feeling hungry and thirsty. They thought they had slept for one whole day, that's why they were hungry. When they searched for a dog that loyally followed them from the city to the cave, they were surprised to find only bones were left of the dog, situated at the entrance of the cave. The dog has obviously guarded the seven young men from danger while they were sleeping. Thinking of the good deed made them cried. This dog is the one and only dog that Allah has promised will enter His Jannah (paradise). No other dogs in the world will ever enter Jannah but this one.

We both were standing right on top of the cave (beneath our feet)

The Ash-Habul Kahfi masjid, erected to remember the seven young men who protected their faith and iman

The seven young men of Kahfi decided that one of them should go to the city to buy some food. They chose one of them and this man, carefully disguised himself, managed to reach the city safely. To his surprise, the city and its people have totally changed. All the people has embraced Islam and there were no more evil and cruel kafir people. When he wanted to pay for the food he bought, the seller told him that the money he gave was of no value at all.

The masjid, from far

"What currency is this? Where are you from? We don't use this money!!!"

"Are you kidding me? This is pure money and it has value!!"

Later more people gathered to see the commotion, and finally one of them suggested the young man of Kahfi go see the Govenor of the city. He did this, and the Governor himself was taken aback to see the ancient money the young man of Kahfi presented before him.

"This used to be the currency of this city, but that was over hundreds of years ago!!!" exclaimed the Governor.

"How many days you said you were sleeping with your friends in the cave?"

"Only one night"

"Are you sure???"

So the young man went back to the cave to talk to his friends about their sleep.

The sepulcher of three of seven of the young men

"Dear Sahabah (friends), we have been sleeping in this cave for 309 years!!!!"

"How could that be possibly true?"

"The money I brought to the city could not buy us food. It has no value"

"No wonder only bones are left of the dog"

"What year is this?"

"While I was in the city, I have not seen any familiar faces at all. I can't even find my house and my family!"

"No one knows us!!!"

In one of the tomb. Can you see the human bones still nicely preserved after hundreds of years?

Later the Governor of the city decided to visit the seven young men at the cave, only to find that these men have died, this time for real, and this time with proper burial. For remembrance of the Greatness of Allah, the governor instructed his people to build a masjid on top of the cave. He named the masjid Ash-Habul Kahfi.

The sepulcher (stone grave)

Another view of the masjid from different angle

Allah is Great. The history of Ash-Habul Kahfi has proven that Allah can make living things die and resurrect the dead to live again, at His will, as He please. SubhanAllah...

A pose with Jordanian school girls at the age of 12 to 15. Sama tinggi dengan aku, beb!!!

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