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Umrah Ziarah Jordan 2010 The Series - Tour around Amman 2

Friends and readers have been urging me to continue my posting related to my umrah journey recently, though it took place about a month ago. Thank you for reading my blog.  As appreciation, here is another posting about our tour to Islamic historical places around Amman, Jordan.

The second historical place we visited in Amman was the masjid and shrine of Prophet Syu'aib s.a.

We had never thought we could be standing here in the masjid of a beloved Prophet of Allah...
SubhanAllah... Alhamdulillah... Allahu akhbar

Such a great scenery, calm and peaceful.

Wonderful and brilliant architecture of the masjid. It's windy here, giving us the chill up to the bones. We had such an extraordinary feeling!

I found this date palm at the back of the masjid. Can you see the tree bearing fruit?

Prophet Syu'aib was the messenger of Allah to the people of Madyan who lived in Ma'an. These people worship Aikah, an open area of land (or field) that grew trees on it, as their religion. Their source of income were from trading of goods and this was their main economic generator. The Madyan people were mostly at al times cheating when weighing the goods they traded. For example, if they sell one kilogram of wheat, they actually packed and gave less than one kilogram to the buyer. On the other hand, if they buy one kilogram of the same trade from other seller, they would demand the seller give them more than one kilogram. (I hope I explain this part correctly for reader to understand) This act of cheating in weighing is prohibited in Islam. Allah S.W.T. therefore instructed Prophet Syu'aib to go see the people of Madyan and talk to them and explain that their practice was unjust and wrong. Also, to redirect them from worshipping the trees on the land to only Allah S.W.T.

The Madyan people did not welcome Prophet Syu'aib and regarded him as traitor. They started to insult him and his followers and this happened continuously, to the extent Prophet Syu'aib had to move out from Ma'an and seek shelter outside the district. Once when the Prophet and his followers were far away from the district, with the Almighty power of Allah, a huge earthquake befallen the people of Madyan. None of them were spared. All died horribly in the earthquake.

My husband took the opportunity to perform prayer at the masjid

Observing the beauty of the masjid after prayer

Prophet Syu'aib and his followers travelled until they reached a region named Aikah. There he continued his missionary to these people but again, was badly treated, despised and threatened to death. Because the people of Aikah refuse to accept and learn from the punishment of Madyan, again, Allah S.W.T.  instructed another disaster upon them, this time in the form of unbearable heat that made them wriggle like earth worm under the hot sun. They ran everywhere to seek for shelter, but nothing can help them from being burnt. In the midst of the chaos, a huge black cloud emerged in the sky. Everyone ran and took shelter under the cloud, thinking that they were save then, but suddenly it produced a terribly loud and scary sound of thunder that killed all the people instantly. That's the end of those who did not believe in the messenger of Allah.

This is the shrine of Prophet Syu'aib A.S. (peace be upon him) located inside the masjid

Outside lanscape of the masjid. Try imagine the story of the people of Madyan and Aikah that probably occured here, at the open spot. Na'uzubillahi min dzalik!

Overall journey, very satisfying!

In my next posting I will relate the history of the Dead Sea and the mystery behind it. Insya-Allah.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum, Sis! This is my first time here on your blog.

    What a wonderful post, mashaAllah! As I was going through the pictures, I felt transported to this beautiful mosque in Amman myself.

  2. Waalaikumsalam, Sis Nadia

    Yes, the mosque is beautiful and I myself have been taking so many pictures of it and its surrounding. And thank you for visiting my blog. It is not as grand as yours, nevertheless. Will always come back to yours for more reading pleasure in the future, insya-Allah. Till then, keep in touch, ya! Wassalam.



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