Saturday, 7 August 2010

University of Malaya - Convocation 2010

The grand hall where history is made every year

This week from 2nd August to 7th August witnessed some few thousands of students of University of Malaya graduated and received their scrolls. Alhamdulillah, we are proud to continuously produce doctors, engineers, educators, chemists, town planners, lawyers, auditors and other professionals, for more than a hundred years now since the establishment of University of Malaya in 1905.

There was this strange feelings inside me when I joined my ex-students on their graduation day. I mean, well.. I taught them Financial Accounting and Reporting subjects last four years and here they were, celebrating their graduation day when I am still struggling to complete my study! Anyway, I believe Allah knows what is best for me. I've worked hard all this while and will double the effort so that next year, my turn will come to walk on stage and receive my scroll. Insya-Allah. Please pray for me, dear friends.

I have snapped several pictures to share this joyful event with you. As you know, I only have my Nokia N70 in hand, so please forgive me if the quality of the pictures are bad. Enjoy!

Families travelled from near and far to celebrate this long awaited moment. Congratulations to all students on your victories.

I am sure the parents are happy for their children

Masya-Allah, she is so sweet. Congratulations, dear sister!

To ensure everything runs smoothly, he turned to be the busiest person!

May Allah bless you always, dear sister.
Working environment will be a new test ground for you.

Come with me! Let's visit the souvenier stalls!

I took the opportunity to check on some clothes at the temporary
bazaar in conjunction with the convocation

Masya-Allah, beautiful modern hijabs are up for grab at very low prices

More hijabs with latest design. Adorable.

Long, full covering, loose shirts designed specially for muslimahs.

Wordings written on one of the muslimah shirt

Malaysian women's national dress - the baju kurung

Tiny-miny dolls as key chain....

Many gifts to choose for beloved ones on their graduation day

Flower bouquet will always be a favourite gift

....and teddy bears too...!

All Winnie the Poohs in the world graduate today! hahaha...!

I spent only two precious hours at the carnival before rushing back to the office. Rain was coming. Just exactly when I reached the office building, it rained heavily. I pray all the people at the convocation carnival managed to seek for shelter somewhere and that they didn't get wet on this day when another history is made.


I'm happy for all. Alhamdulillah.


  1. ati,
    me n my kids missed this year convocation fiesta bcoz of my sore eyes..
    thanks for updating
    next year insyaAllah willi be our turn..

  2. Salam, Anis...

    Insya-Allah, next year our turn will come. We can have all the time in the world to visit the fiesta later after the ceremony.

    Take care of your health, dear. Get well soon. And oh! by the way, I wish you and the A's family members a fruitful and peaceful Ramadhan.


  3. Same with me k anis. Can't go to the fiesta coz we got group discussion during that time. Huhu...

  4. Salams sis,

    Just the other day my friend was blogging about her visit to UM's convocation. Coming from a private educational institution, I always carry a mental image that public universities are really huge when it comes to convocations and stuff. Seems like my assumptions are quite accurate judging from your photos. Thanks for sharing sis! Owh~ and Ramadhan mubarak!

  5. Waalaikum salam, sis Hajar.

    Thanks for visiting. The event was a huge one. What was captured in the pictures were only one third of the story. For the whole week we had massive traffic jam and shortage of food at the cafetarias (LOL).

    It would be nice if we could be friends and exchange ideas, don't you think so? Ramadhan mubarak to you too! Take care and smile always. *Lots of hugs from me* Wassalam.

  6. Dear Dalila,

    Next year, kita merdeka, Insya-Allah!

  7. So I've heard ... :)

    Masha'Allah! I will be more than happy to be friends or above all, sisters with you. Looking forward to a fruitful and beautiful sisterhood. Take care sis & have a blissful life ahead! :)

  8. Assalamu alaikum, sis Ati. Ramadan kareem!!!

    Ah, graduation - such an important day of our lives when we feel on top of the world! Next year will be your turn, inshaAllah. I wish I could visit and become your official photographer, lol :D

    Oh, and thank you so much for posting the pictures. I really like the colorful hijab one :)

  9. Waalaikum salam, sis Nadia...

    At last, I finally hear again from you. Oh Nadia! I would be honoured if you could be my photographer on my graduation day! Who knows, today we lightly discussed this, next year we might seriously be doing it! What fun to be able to meet up in person!

    Ramadhan kareem to you to. Stay well dear!

  10. Sis Hajar,

    We ARE sisters indeed, aren't we? Perhaps we can visit each other on this coming Eid Mubarak!

    I pray you be a strong muslimah always, insya-Allah.



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