Saturday, 13 November 2010

I can't help it....

I know this
has gone too much

Owh! Guilty I feel
But I can't do anything about it

I am sorry...
Can't help it
To write

ATTACKing me

Please forgive me
I am taking some time off....

z z z z z z z z  Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z

hrmm.... &&%*$&#&


sweet dreams everyone...
......see you later....




  1. You do need those zzzzzzzz. Enjoy :)

  2. :D
    I am quite entertained lol. And every once in a while doing nothing is exactly what you should be doing so bask in the glory and just do nothing. Think of it as a ebadah...your resting your body so that when you do have to get back into the action your ready for it ;)

  3. cute mashalllah!

  4. My dear wonderful friends,

    Many thanks for all your kind words. What actually happened was, I have just completed one of the chapters in my thesis and submitted the draft to my supervisors for review. Finally! Alhamdulillah! The urge to finish it within the deadline without affecting the quality of the content was REALLY REALLY consuming energy. As a result, once submitted, I felt soooooo sleepy!Hahaha...

    And Masya-Allah! I have you all who support me from far! Wonderful!!! I am one lucky person..

    Take care, my darling sisters. May Allah bless you always with happiness in life. Since my 'energy tank' is still half empty, perhaps I should resume what I do best to refil it. Wassalam... zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ.

  5. Aww..! Thank you so much, Umm Hamzah. The psot is really a reflection of how I feel at the moment.

    Welcome to my blog. Do visit me again next time ;) Wassalam.

  6. Aww~~~ this is too cute!!! I love the koala~!!!

  7. Dear Darling, عيدكم مبارك
    Hope you having a great great day my dear polar bear and thank you so much for that lovely comment you left on my blog...just having you there is great for me.Thank you. Good luck with the thesis...try and relax your mind a bit, yeah! Drink some warm chamomile tea or warm milk with honey, almonds, cinnamon and ginger- that always helps me.
    Lots of love:)

  8. What a good advice from Blue Pearl!! :) :) <3

    I love your blog Ati! And I love this post especially. The animals are soooo cute!!

    Take care!

  9. Dear Hajar, thank you sis. The koala is simply adorable, isn't it?

    My darling Blue Pearl, I have tried the warm milk with honey and ginger (unfortunately at that time I don't have almonds in the kitchen)and alhamdulillah, it worked! Thank you for the idea. I love you! *hugs*

  10. rose water, welcome to my humble blog. I am glad you like it. You have a nice blog too, you know :) Thanks! *hugs*



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