Monday, 28 March 2011

While I was away...part 4/5 - Pimp my ride Malaysian version!

I've mentioned in my previous post that our good neighbour whom we depended on to send and fetch our children to and from school has migrated to Melbourne, Australia recently. We have to find another alternative as a mean of transportation for the children and we have to find it fast so that the problem won't affect the children and their study. The children can actually take the bus to school, but my worry is on the prolonged hours they will have to spend on the journey as the school bus make its rounding to cover several big residential areas. Actually I've tried the school bus before, but pity the children, they only reached home after Maghrib adhan was over. By the time they have cleaned themselves and sat for dinner it was almost 9pm. They were then so tired that they fell asleep even before they managed to finish the food in their plates!!!

The only way to solve this problem is to send and fetch them ourselves, but that would need us to get another car because I drive our mpv to work everyday and I can't reach home on time to fetch the children from school. My husband, who prefers to ride his motorbike wherever he goes, can reach home much earlier, but without a car he simply can't bring them home, unless he train his children how to become circus monkeys performers.

I can't imagine seeing my husband and children riding on a bike like this.....
Pic taken from Nissan Grand Livina hillarious advertisement on TV.

But alhamdulillah, truly Allah provides us with all our needs if we asked from Him in our duas. It so happened that one day, another neighbour told us he wanted to sell his old car because he wanted to buy a new one. We know this person well enough to trust his words that his 2004 model Perodua Kelisa is still in good condition. So, after a 30 second 'test drive' of the petite car, we bought it without further question, at a selling price 41% below the market value!!!

No one is ever so excited with the existence of the second hand car but my husband. He started to day dream about making some refurbishment works on the car so that it would not look too 'old' at its age. At the end of the day, we decided to repaint the car, change its upholstery completely from fabric to leather, modify its engine, tint the windows, change the tyres and install a cd player. Even after incurring all these costs, we can still sell the car and profit RM3,000 from it!

I attached below the before and after pics of the car. The mechanic did a wonderful job with the engine. Smooth, fast, lightweight. It totally feels like driving a brand new car. As a matter of fact, now I am feeling like my mpv is so heavy!

The second hand Kelisa, before the make over

Dusty interior with faded fabric upholstery

...and dirty engine too!

At the workshop where the mechanic and his gang dismantled every parts of the engine

The car looked rather scary at this point

Out went the dirty parts, in came the new parts through the dismounting process

And the result after two whole week in the make over process......

The same car, after the make over
Many people told us it's the body paint that makes it look gorgeous

The third day we park the car outside our compound, a stranger approached my husband and asked,

"Are you selling this car? I am interested to buy it"



  1. I am so glad that you found an answer quickly, alhumdulillah. Mabrook on the new car and wow it really does look great and oh so cute!

  2. Thank you sweetheart!

    My children simply love the car, especially baby porcupine. She would always be ready to go to school in the new car. Alhamdulillah, Allah provides us the solution almost immediately.

  3. I really like this post, especially your before-after pictures, it really seems like you had your own episode of "pimp my ride", that's so cool, it must've been so nice to see the car all done up. Masha'Allah.

    Truly sister, Allah is ready to accept all of our prayers, we just have to ask Him sincerely, Turn to Allah and everything will be solved. SubhanAllah,

    I'm really enjoying reading your posts, it seems like you had many adventures while you were on a blogging break- Looking forward to reading Part 5/5.

    Stay well my dear sister!

  4. Dear sis Zarina,

    I've had several 'adventurous' experiences that prevented me from sitting in front of the laptop. Thus the short break. Everything happened so fast, sometimes we cried, sometimes we laughed. Life is full of ups and downs. When you are on top, always be prepared to go down. When you are down, hold on to your faith and remember your turn will come to be on top again.

    Indeed, Allah is the sole provider in life. Alhamdulillah. Such a huge ni'mat!

    Wait till you read part 5. That's a different story altogether.

    Take care sis. Love you all the way!

  5. MASHALLAH The job on the car was fab! Your car looks like my first car, but was purple. Ahh sis that is a problem you have there...what are you going to do? The kids will be exhausted with that routine. Does your job not allow you to collect them and then you return to work? Maybe change your hours??? I am well impressed with the fact you ride a mpv...GO ON SIS!!!

  6. Dear sister Sanaa,

    Being a lecturer, alhamdulillah I have flexible working hours. But the main obstacle here is that the university I work with is so far away from home. Travelling to work would consume about 45 minutes in the morning and even worse in the evening. At the moment, my husband fetch the children because he can reach home much earlier than me.

    Awh! Sis, it's just an old mpv we bought many years ago. Nothing to be proud of, really.

  7. My husband has a Kawasaki. It is bigger than him!!! Soo scary. He hasn't rode it for few months He has asked if I would like to go on it...I decline! lol Think I will be safer inshallah in my car. Ohh you are a lecturer, what do you teach?

  8. You received an award, take a look here,

  9. Sis Sanaa,

    A kawasaki you said? Wow, your husband is sure a rider! My husband rides an ordinary motorbike to work. He hates getting stuck in traffic jam, that's why he refused to drive the car. I think he is much happier riding his bike, but of course I am also worry of his safety on the road. Well, you know, people sometimes become rude and inconsiderate. Anything could happen. I pray he'll always be under Allah's protection wherever he goes, ameen.

    I specialise in acoounting and finance subjects. I enjoy teaching very much, but you know something? I can never be able to teach my own children because they are not afraid of their own mom!!! Giggle here and giggle there...

  10. Awwhhh...! Thank you so much for the award, sweet Blue Pearl. I like it very much. Insya-Allah will put up a post about it soon. May Allah continuously grant me good health to keep struggling and fighting for Jannah, insya-Allah.

    Take care, sis. Love you so much!

  11. Wow, mashaAllah! Such a beautiful transformation :)

  12. hahaha... thank you sis Nadia.

    not much, actually, but we are glad it turned out beautifully. Alhamdulillah!

  13. You’ve received The Inspiration Award- Check this out at:

  14. Masya-Allah...! another award for me? alhamdulillah! Sis Zarina, I did not expect this, but thank you so much for remembering me. Pray I have some extra time to put up a post about it soon, Insya-Allah. Thanks again, sis.

  15. faizal dari pulau pinang ingin bertanya bagaimana hndak m'hantar kereta kita untuk di buat kerana sy make over kreta sy.

    1. Waalaikumussalam, Faizal...

      Saya tidak menyertai rancangan "Pimp My Ride" yang sebenar untuk mengubah keseluruhan wajah kereta saya.... saya cuma menghantar kereta saya ke workshop biasa untuk diubahsuai. Tapi kebetulan tuan punya workshop itu, MasyaAllah! sangat baik orangnya dan caj yang dikenakan pun sangat murah berbanding tempat lain. Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan hasilnya. Itu sahaja.



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