Friday, 29 June 2012

Valid reason

I love IKEA. The idea of a modern and organised lifestyle promoted by IKEA wins my heart. Specifically, I like best it's storing solutions for small spaces.
I have been persuading my husband to allow me go "window shopping" at IKEA. He did not say anything about not letting me go, but at the same time he also did not show any sign of approval either. So I waited, and waited, and waited patiently. And when he is in good mood, I reminded him again about my intention to "check new stock" at IKEA.
Still no respond from him, until today, when frying some eggs for breakfast, I accidentally burnt the turner. I told him I need to get a new one and that I ‘must’ have the usual IKEA brand.

Finally, he said yes.

Yay! IKEA here I come!

But when? Yet to confirm. I am a busy mommy! And going to IKEA means I’ll be spending 4 to 5 hours checking in detail everything on offer even though I have no intention to buy anything…

Going there just to buy a set of turner? Hmm… I’ll think about it later.
So what’s the point of trying hard to get the permission from dear hubby?




  1. Your a patient woman Ati mashaAllah! Yes the turner getting melted is a perfectly valid reason to go straight to Ikea. It is a must now sis! lol Wait for hubby to take you? Yes be good and wait for him to take you BUT you could always tell him it's best you just go without him so you save him soo many hours standing around suffering from boredom! lol
    Ikea storage rocks!!!
    Peace sister.

  2. LOL. I like your comment, Sanaa. Who would be able to cook perfect, delicious meals with a melted turner??? LOL. Definitely a valid reason to shop at IKEA!

    I can actually go there on my own, but sometimes I do demand he come with me, in case I run out of cash in the midst of the shopping spree... (owh! that made me sound sooo mean!)

    And yesss... IKEA storage rocks! Take care, sis. Love ya!

  3. Take him! His wallet is essential for the trip! lol

  4. first step: ask permission from hubby - done!
    second step: persuade him to come along - in process, now at 40% chance he'll follow!
    I need to work hard... LOL

  5. For most men, trips to IKEA is synonymous to several boring or wasted hours of their lives. I don't understand how someone can NOT be excited about walking around in IKEA. The place is brilliant! You better decide on that trip soon, least your husband forgets that he agreed to take you in the first place ;)

  6. lol~ this entry brought some chuckles out of me. I hope you manage to convince your husband sis! :)

  7. yes, I agree with you Nadia. Hubby wants a simple, perfect home but never wants to sweat to make it happen...with some luck, we'll be going to IKEA this weekend. Yay!!

    sis Hajar, I do hope so... if such thing really transpired, I'll definitely post up the story here ;)

  8. Asalamu alaikum n jazakAllah for adoring my blog may Allah reward you inshAllah

    Im sure ikea has nothing to do with food..

  9. Waalaikumsalam...

    I do really adore your blog. That's one of the sites I've always visited and will come back for more, insyaAllah!

    LOL! Dont worry, I am pretty sure Swedish food are sold separately at the cafe (here in Malaysia) and not together with the home appliances.

    Take care, dear..! Wassalam.



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