Monday, 8 October 2012

Oh! Life...!

Last Friday when I sent my car to a workshop for some routine maintenance, the foreman told me his schedules were tight, so I have to leave the car overnight and come back Monday morning to pick it up. Reluctantly, I gave him the car keys and left the place, walking towards the main road. I made a quick call to my husband to fetch me, told him I’ll be waiting by the road side at an open area that resembles a mini park.

I waited about 45 minutes for him to come and rescue me. Well, you know, this waiting game could really test your mental stability and tire you out, especially when you've had a hard day at work.

So I was thinking....How nice it is to be able to relax under the trees, with gentle breeze stirring the air and the sound of birds chirping from the tree tops (apart from the sound of the engines roaring on the road...)

I sat on the grass and my brain tricked me for sitting on a thick, soft rug...Ahh... so calm and peaceful...

As I was about to doze off to the music of the nature suddenly this naughty baby porcupine (did I tell you earlier I was not alone?) poked my eyes with her fingers! Yes, you read that right, she poked my eyes!

“Ouch!!! What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Don’t sleep, mum!”

“Why not?”

“What if we get lost while you’re sleeping?”

Oh dear!



  1. First of all, love the photographs! Second, I LOVE your shoes!

    And third, your daughter was right; you shouldn't just doze off in a park. Imagine the hard work she'll need to do to keep an eye on your plus make sure you two aren't lost :D

    1. LOL..! you are right... she sure has to work hard finding the way back home (as if we're part of a fairy tale!)

      You love the photographs? Aww.. thanks. That's the end result using a Samsung Galaxy Note.

      You love the shoes? Haha..thanks again but mind you, they are made special for wide fitting (I have feet like a green giant!)

  2. Asalamu alaikum,

    Thx for sharing.

    Look out for my "After Hajj" post coming soon! Your wise words welcomed..

    Take Care

    1. Waalaikumsalam,

      InsyaAllah, brother.

      Many thanks to you too for the lovely posts on Hajj. Sure brings back the nice old memories!

      Take care.

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    1. oh! thank you for such a compliment! do visit me again in the future! ;)



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