Sunday, 9 December 2012

The big bad wolf strikes again!

Thriller. Fiction. Romance. Murder. Architecture. Design. Contemporary arts. Politics. Health. Beauty. Hobby. Marketing. Photography. Bibliographies. Travel. Cookery. Business. Bla..bla..bla.. etc. etc. etc. *sigh*

This happens at The Big Bad Wolf (BBW) book sale held at the Mines International Convention Centre (MICC) from 7th to 23rd December 2012, from 9am to 9pm. This is the second year BBW holds such event. The organiser claims that this is the biggest book sale in the world with over three million book titles offered at unbelievably low prices. Well, firstly, I do believe it. I have never seen so many books in my life. Secondly, the books are definitely cheap! Novels of RM30 to RM40 normal retail price are selling at RM5 to RM8 only! Thirdly, name what you want and you'll find it here!

The best part? For the first three days, the organiser is holding a non-stop 72-hour rally to attract as many visitors to the sale. I went there at 11pm on the first day. There was a massive traffic jam just outside the exhibition centre as people stormed in and looked for parking spaces. Either the car park are limited in numbers or there were too many visitors jamming the place simultaneously.

The exhibition hall was packed with book lovers. Would you believe that many visitors came with suitcases and even supermarket trolleys (where on earth did they get those trolleys from??? arrghh!!!) These people must have experienced the "aura" from last year's sale so they came well prepared this year.

After about four hours wandering in this big area, my legs could not stand straight anymore. Hubby has long surrendered at one corner of the hall, so I assigned him as "the bookkeeper". Hahaha! We were all tired of walking, but even then, we estimated that we have covered only about 70% of the floor area. Oh! This is what I call heaven on earth. I ended up buying 37 books, mostly English novels, each at a flat price of RM8 only. The children got some educational books for themselves too.

We went back at nearly 5am the next day. We thought by that time most people would have gone home but we were wrong. More have just arrived to join the crowd! There were long queues at all six paying counters.

Well, here are what we brought home that morning. Two boxes full of books! Now I am having difficulty to choose which book to read first....

Well, it seems like the big bad wolf isn't so bad after all...


  1. Ati....wonderful!!!!
    I love books! So this would of been a good day event for me. Oh my goodness you brought loads of books. What authors do you like best? I like Tess Gerritseen and have you read The Unproductive Woman by Khalidah Muhammed Ali? It is brilliant. Check out my other blog for the review inshaAllah. Look forward to hearing what the books were like.
    Stay lovely sis, Salam alayki

  2. Sis Sanaa,

    So sorry this reply came late. I was "buried in books" I've forgotten to check my mails. ;)

    Yes I did brought home lots of books. And I've finished reading 2 books already. Need to stop now or I think my brain will burst! LOL.

    I don't have any favourite authors in specific, but I have several books of Sophie Kinsella, Judith Krants, Lauren Kate and Jane Costello. They are fantastic. I have not read The Unproductive Woman, but I've read Do They Hear You When You Cry by Fauziah Kassinja. That book is simply terrific.

    Will definitely visit your blog for the book review. and InsyaAllah, will try to provide some info (and perhaps ratings) on the books I've read.

    You stay lovely too, sis! Wassalam.



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