Monday, 19 July 2010

Another unexpected visitor!

Few nights ago I did not sleep well. My baby porcupine kept disturbing me on interval hours. At one time she wanted me to get her teddy for her as she can't sleep without it. So with both eyes shut, I climbed out of the bed and started searching for the missing teddy under her bed. The other time, she was singing softly right at my ear, just the way I used to do to make her sleep. so I told her I was already sleeping that there is no need to sing lullaby for me. When I tucked her in bed again, she complained that her finger is in terrible pain when in fact she has only a very tiny-miny bruise that is almost invisible. And finally, she asked for a bottle of milk...!  *sigh* I have to admit I was tired, but I never have the heart to scold this plumpy baby porcupine of mine, so, like it or not, I went downstairs to prepare the milk for her.

Naughty baby porcupine! She took her toys and drawings to bed and played alone when everyone else in the house was fast asleep. She was only asleep after a bottle of milk!

The moment I switched on the lights in the kitchen, I caught the glimpse of a mouse escaping through a gap under the back door. What!!??? A mouse in my kitchen??? Since when??? No! This can't be happening to me. I don't hate mice but I don't like them in my house either!

So the next day I told my husband of the discovery and we both agreed that mice could carry diseases and shouldn't be let into the house again.We were also worried that the mouse might have its offsprings somewhere in the house without us knowing it. So we bought a mouse trap to catch it. When night came, I put some leftover of a fried fish as bait in the trap and left it exactly in front of the gap under the door.

 As expected, the mouse made a night visit again into the kitchen and fell for the bait.

When morning came, the whole house, especially my baby porcupine, was so excited to see the mouse in the trap. The mouse was kind of cute. Yes, he's cute. *slap forehead* Not adorable, of course, but not ugly either.

Another problem arised. How to get rid of it? None of us were willing to kill it, so we handed it over to my maid to settle the problem. Later we went to work as usual and when we came back we never asked how she put an end to the poor mouse. I hope the problem is solved. Alhamdulillah. But the mouse reminded me of another unexpected visitor that once landed at the back door unknown to us how. I'll never forget that huge catfish!!!


  1. First of all, your baby porcupine is so adorable! MashaAllah!

    And kids are cutest when asleep ;)

    Congrats on being able to capture that mouse on the first try. I hope he doesn't have friends or relatives around.

  2. Thanks a lot, sis. she is truly my one and only porcupine! (my husband has always asked me, why porcupine? I said I don't know, maybe it sounds cute to my ears)

    Yes, I hope for the same. If he had family members together with him, I'll be in a lot more trouble!

  3. As-salaams,I gave you an award sister, please see my blog for details-

  4. Waalaikum salam..

    I am the happiest person in the world at this moment to have received such award from a lovely sister far far away... Masya-Allah...! Isn't this great?!

    Many thanks, sis Zarina. I pray we can be good friends forever! Take care & wassalam.



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