Monday, 3 January 2011

Baby porcupine goes to Little Caliphs today

My naughty baby porcupine...!

It's actually a kidergarten. She's only 4 years old.

I prepared her bag this morning. There's no textbook or stationary or anything like that. I just packed some clothes and her milk bottle into a school bag and gave it to her. She was jumping here and there, can't stay calm at one place. Kept telling her brother and sister that she is going to school too, just like them.

I, on the contrary, feel sad... My dear darling has grown up too fast! Tears were falling from my eyes.

......And my husband was making fun of me and my emotional scene....


I desperately want to bite his nose!


  1. Aww, mashaAllah! Kids do grow up so fast. So she'll be attending "school" for a couple of hours each day? How did her first day go?

  2. Her first day? She was still jumping here and there and talked non-stop about her drawings, her new friends, her nice teachers, the videos she watched with friends, the delicious food.... etc...etc... Masya-Allah! This girl is so energetic!!

    It's actual a three-hour session at the kindergarten, it starts at 9am and finish by 12pm. But I purposely leave her till 6.30pm so that she have more time to play with new friends. I want her to be exposed to the outer world, rather than just staying at home with me doing nothing but watch tv 24/7 and not meeting anyone.

    Oh dear sis Nadia.... she's growing very fast...Soon she'll leave me for college (I'm talking nonsense now!!!) :(



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