Thursday, 13 October 2011

Leaving him on the 44th day

23 - 24 May, 2011

It was a sad decision, knowing that he is still too small and fragile to be left in the care of his father. I have no other options in my hands. The conference is important to me, and so is he. But I am determined to finish my study as soon as possible so that I'll be able to spend more time with him in the future. Hence the complicated schedule of what to do and when, carefully prepared and explained to the confused-looking man of the house.

A week before I leave him for Singapore, I've made some preparations so that he will be fine with his father. I'll be absent only for two days, but then... well... you know... *sigh*

 I have to 'import' my MIL to stay at our house with him, not because I don't trust my husband, but I know he has a lot of other things to worry about rather than the changing diaper and feeding routine.  Let him take charge of the house chores, he is always flexible to run here and there. Meantime, the baby is in safe hands of his mother.

So you see, I've prepared the milk supply, more than enough for two days. I kissed Aiman a thousand times before leaving, only stopped when my husband scolded me.

 The moment the plane departed, I started to miss my baby. My handphone went out of battery when I arrived at the hotel. To make things worse, I left the charger on top of my dressing table at home, forgotten to pack it in the bag. I can't call home. so I  cried myself to sleep....


  1. As-salaamu-alaykum dear sister Ati

    I have received your comment on my blog eventually and I am so happy to hear from you.I am so sorry but I have not received any of your previous ones. I too have been having problems posting comments and I've tried to cpmment on your blog also and it also didn't go through.

    It is so good to have you back and honestly there is nothing for you to ask me for forgiveness. I could never hate you my dear sweet sister. May Allah always keep us connected with love and mercy.

    Stay well always my dear.

  2. Aww, be brave, Sis. I'm sure Aiman misses you too. Lots of hugs.

  3. Waalaikumsalam sis Zarina...

    wow, am I glad you finally received my message. It was quite frustrating when we wrote lengthy comments only to find out that it cant get through. Always love you sis. even if we're far apart. Ameen to your dua, sis.

    sis Nadia,

    I know I've been such a baby, but I just couldn't help it... huhu.... :)

  4. This must have been such a difficult thing for you to do, but I guess sometimes in life we have to deal with difficult decisions. Masha'Allah your baby is so cute, even though I am sure he must be much bigger now, and even cuter.

  5. You are right. He's much fairer now compared to the first month. Taller, plummer and louder too! I am worried I will get too attached to him that I simply can't leave him at all. Then bigger problems will come. Currently I am still searching for a solution.

    In the time being, let me enjoy every seconds of my time with him. He is always showered with kisses...



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