Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mourning for the death of knowledge

Gigapedia is officially gone.

I have been frequenting the website one too many times to get hold of some valuable textbooks that are hardly available in Malaysia. I even wrote a post on my Gigapedia experience in this blog some times ago.

Today when I decided to make another visit for another retrieval (a book once published in 1978!) I was shocked to learn that the virtual library was 'put to sleep' by some ugly old hags..! 

@#$%&*@#$) oh! crap!

More of the information on the closure of the website can be read here.

So that's the end of the free flow of knowledge all around the world. I once asked in my post, how on earth did this website manage to survive when many authors and publishers are labeling its act as piracy. I guess I've got the answer now. Pretty much too soon for me...

Goodbye Giga. To be more precise, goodbye to all the invisible but serious 'staff' of Will be missing you a lot, now that I do not know where to turn to for a fast solution to my textbooks problem.

* sigh! *


  1. I noticed the website pulled down a couple of months ago. I came to know about the website through you, and since then have downloaded several fiction novels and cookbooks (a couple of health-related ones too). Yeah, it is indeed sad. It's like somebody burned down a library :(

  2. I feel disappointed because all this while I've been depending on this library for all my needs, and so far it has never failed me. Do hope there'll be another site for replacement. As good as Giga, I wish. But till then.... :(

  3. Dear sis Ati

    Its so strange, last week while doing a research report I needed some resources and I remembered your post about this online library so I happily came to your blog to look for the link and when I checked it out I was redirected to an article on Al-Jazeerah talking about how they've closed it down. I was very sad and dissapointed. Knowledge should be shared, it should be easily accesible for everyone, it should'nt be about the money. Inshaa-Allah there will be another way soon.

    I hope that you are doing well, all the best with everything.

  4. You're right, sis. We can't actually 'sell' knowledge, can we?

    Thank you for wishing me well. I am to submit my thesis in a week's time. May I have patient to complete this journey. Ameen.

    Missed you much, sis!

  5. Hey doll, miss you. Just stopped by to see how you dong:) all my love

  6. Darling Blue Pearl where did you go all this while? Are you back in SA? How's life dear? To tell you the truth, my blog life is never the same now that you're invisible... :(



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