Friday, 10 January 2014

Mr. Billu Barber

Muhammad Aiman has always hated to visit the barber. This is evidenced from his curly-murly hair all long-grown and blondish.

The first time we took him for a trim, he cried hysterically when the barber started to cut his hair.

The second time we took him to meet our friendly Mr. Barber, he started crying when we entered the shop.

The third time we decided he needs a hair cut, Aiman started to cry the moment he saw the shop building from very far

Perhaps Mr. Billu Barber should disguise himself as Spiderman, paint the wall bright and colourful so that it looks like the Hi-5 studio and put candy bowls by the window to attract toddlers like Aiman to come and have a hair cut. With mind at peace, of course...

Well, it has always been an adventurous trip, as usual.


  1. Ahh mashaAllah his curl were beautiful! I would og kept them. So cute mashaAllah. Maybe that is why he was upset...he knew the curls were cute and deserved to stay! lolol

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