Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Can someone help me?

I kept wondering why my mobile phone has been so slow in responds lately. It takes several seconds before the required application appeared on the screen, which is turning to become very annoying to me, because it used to pop up instantly. This should not happen to a Samsung Galaxy Note II, ya?

Then I saw that the picture gallery was loaded with over 700 pictures from the blog alone. Not to mention other folders full of pictures sourced from whatsapp conversations, screenshots, videos and the ones I snapped myself with the camera.

Thinking that I might have overloaded the phone with too many pictures, I started to transfer some valuable pics and delete the rest I think not important. SO I DELETED ALL THE PICTURES IN THE PHONE. Never had I thought that the pictures in my blog will be wiped out as well because the accounts are synced in my phone!

I lost all the pictures in my blog! OMG! OMG! Where's the panic button when I need one?

Can someone help me retrieve back my pictures for the blog?

I am feeling like crying now...

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