Tuesday, 23 September 2014

KSA's National Day celebration

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day today.  This means a day off from the university. There were so many things to settle before I leave the office last night. Alhamdulillah, I have managed to finish almost 90% of the administrative works piled up on the desk before signing off for the day.

Earlier, we had a mini celebration situated at the lobby of the main building where students and staff joined together to organise various activities in conjunction with the National Day. There were booths providing varieties of fantastic local foods (which names I don't know and I am still learning to identify them), a booth offering a service to draw beautiful designs on the palm using henna (there must be a specific name for it but at the moment I can't find it), the university also provided drawing blocks, water colour paints, beads, glitter dusts, glue, scissors and other drawing accessories for anyone who wish to express their happiness and excitement through the work of art.

At the lobby entrance, two beautiful ladies served the Arabic coffee and dates to visitors. Tasbihs, national flags, cup cakes and 'pop cakes' (tiny cake covered in icing sugar attached to a stick that looks like a lollipop) were also distributed as souveniers. MasyaAllah, this was an interesting event that took me a step closer to learn the Arabic culture. I enjoyed my day.

And oh! By the way... for my dear friends and blog readers who had not known of the big family and I have moved to Saudi Arabia and now we live in Riyadh. I took the offer to work at the Prince Sultan University, College for Women. I am now an assistant professor attached to the department of Accounting, College of Business and Administration. Alhamdulillah, we have been here since 28th August 2014 and we are happily adjusting our routines at the new place. The children are going to an international school just four blocks away from our apartment. At the moment my husband is converting himself to become a house-husband and he likes the idea of quickly settling all house chores including cooking meals in the morning so that he can have more time for his internet thingy and tv and friends in the second half of the day.

 Like I said earlier, all of us enjoy living in Riyadh. Alhamdulillah...


  1. Masha'Allah, that is great news! Mabrook! May Allah make the transition easy for you. I will be in Makkah between September 28 to October 8, insha'Allah. Too bad we're so close but still won't be able to meet. We are in a group so I doubt we'll be allowed to travel out of the city.

    1. Dear Nadia... thanks so much. I am so happy to be here. Do you know that the first person who came into my mind that I am so looking forward to meeting here is you? But no worry. Soon we will meet, InsyaAllah. There is plenty of time for that. =)

      Alhamdulillah, you are going to perform hajj again! Mabrook! InsyaAllah my turn will come next year.

      By the way, sis... MISSED YOU MUCH!!!! xoxoxo....



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