Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I love you too...

Aliya has been so stubborn today. What got into her, I don't know but she just refused to listen to what I said to her. Instead, she purposely tested my patience by saying something that raised my temper. It was then too late when I realised that I was actually screaming and hitting her hard with the cane in my hand.

Having done that, I marched into my room and closed the door behind me. It took me some times to ponder on what had just happened. It was terribly disturbing to see the child enduring the amount of pain on her body without even twitching. That was so daring of her.

Suddenly a piece of paper appeared from under the door. It was for me. I took it and unfold it. From the neatness of the hand writing I know who sent the note. It read....

I hate you

I closed my eyes. There must be something wrong with the way I teach this child that she has the courage to write such words to me. I felt sad, defeated, worn out, beaten, angry, frustrated. For all that happened just now, I only have myself to blame. If I want to be a good mother, then I should act like one. There must be a proper way of educating all of my children, Aliya especially, without having to hurt each other's feelings. I need to rectify this. Immediately!

I came out of my room with the note in my hand, just to find out that Aliya had shut herself in her room too. Grabbed a pen, I sat down at the study table and drew a line underneath her message. A line lower I wrote this...

But I never hated you. I love you so much.

I pushed the paper under her door and waited patiently. A few moments later I saw her silhouette behind the door, picking up the paper. It was silent for a long time before the door creaked open and Aliya standing in front of me. She was crying quietly.

Seeing her that way made my heart melt. Not long after that Aliya was in my arms, sobbing out her sadness. That is my six year old daughter regretting what she had done to me and repeatedly asking for my forgiveness. How else could I refuse her? She's my baby.

Don't cry my precious one. I am sorry for being so inconsiderate and selfish. I promise I will change. I'll be by your side everytime you need me and protect you with all my strength. Hush now. No more tears. Yes dear, I love you so much ...

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