Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The K-O-C-I monster

This is Bibik Ana. She is my maid who has been working for me almost two years now. I have always told her she is my first maid ever working for me and she will be my last one. She loves to cook. If given the opportunity, she will cook almost everything she knows. Spicy dishes, all kinds of noodles recipes, cakes, doughnuts, curry puffs, chicken rice, etc..etc..etc... Just put the raw ingredients in front of her, she'll tranform them into something delicious. Hmmm...Not bad for an Indonesian maid. Not bad at all....

But then one evening, when I came home from work, my son rushed to the door to greet me and also to whisper an unexpected message,

"Ibu, bibik buat kuih koci hari ni. Pergi la tengok kat dapur"

Having said that, he gave me a wide smile and then ran upstairs. Hmm... that's weird! What's so funny about "kuih koci"? So I went straight to the kitchen and have a check on the dining table. WOW! What have we here?

Gosh! What are these? Are these KOCI? How come they look more like LEPAT?

Feeling curious, I took one of the koci and peeled open the banana leaf covering it. Soooooo greeeeeen!!!!!! Yikes! It did not look edible at all! This is the first time I saw a green koci in my life! Perhaps it's related to the family of the famous incredible hulk. Or perhaps Bibik Ana is revolting against my choice of colour for her dress I bought her during the recent Eid Mubarak celebration (I bought her a red baju kurung that looks 96% similar to the one I bought last year). Oppss...that's me being forgetful..!

And so an interrogation process was carried out on her new controversial invention. She confessed that that was the first time she made koci in her entire life and that she did not actually know the exact ingredient required to make one. She found the green colouring in the refrigerator and carelessly pour excessive amount of the liquid in the ingredient mix and then regretted it and prayed hard that it will not make the taste of the koci bitter.

Nevertheless, the taste was as nice as any other koci sold outside at the stalls. Huhu....! Weird koci... Green, big, square-shaped koci! Not bad at all....

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  1. =) hihi,cam plasticine la plak... tp pepn,im still like green color.huhu..



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