Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Stop bothering me!


I have always hated lizards in the house.

.......cet... cet.... cet....cet...cet......

The sound iritates me everytime I hear it.


Damn! You make another one more sound, I'll hunt you down! The pencil in my hand broke into two pieces. I made a big hole in the paper I was writing with the pencil.


Good. You understand.

Let me concentrate with my work. Now, where did I keep my other pencil...... oh! here it is! OK, where was I? Oh ya! Now I remember.... The value relevance of information of intangible assets in the financial reports.....


Arrrgghhhh!!!! That's it! You are so in deep shit now!!!

I went downstairs to get several rubber bands in the kitchen. Fold some papers till the size of a finger. That will do it. My slingshot! I am going hunting for lizards. Saw one at the corner of the ceiling in the living room. Took my aim. Inhale. Let go.

Bullseyes! The lizard fell down onto the floor and tried to escape. Unfortunate, for I was ready to hit it with the broom in my hand. Too bad. Had it not made that iritating sound, it might still be able to go smooching every Tom, Dick and Harry of its own kind up there on the ceiling.

Goodbye! To the sightseers, don't mess up with me!

I hate lizards!

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