Saturday, 12 December 2009

When rationalisation speaks for itself....

When the Israeli troops attacked the Palestinian Muslims at the Province of Gaza, resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives, Malaysia was one of the country that voiced out great disappointment and started petition to stop such inhumane actions. One of the campaigns launched was to boycott companies that support Israeli activities and mission. This includes the largest fast food chain companies - KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut.

I tried to educate my children how important it is in any means not to support the criminal activities indirectly.

"Kalau kita beli dan makan KFC, kita bagi duit kat orang Israel untuk bunuh saudara Islam kita"

So far, my children have been comprehensible. They obediently "quit" frequenting KFC and its sister outlets and kept telling themselves there are many options available for them.

Nevertheless, before the school term ended this year, my daughter showed me a terribly sour face and told me that her teacher was organising a 'get-together-after-exam' activity, her classmates were going to contribute RM10 per person and the teacher was going to buy KFC and they would eat together in class. My daughter refused to pay her portion. She refused to go to school on that particular day. I was touched by her determination.

A few days later it's my son's turn to show protest. He refused to go to school on the day his "school prefects" group organised a farewell party at McDonalds for the senior prefects from standard six. This time, I felt pity to my children. The impact of these fast food restaurants have on children is huge. Sometimes I think it's not fair for us parents to prevent the children from enjoying something they like just because there were conflicts and contradictions at higher levels. I was in dilemma for quite sometimes. How do I treat my children at KFC without paying for the bullets?

So when my husband told me he wanted to redeem his credit card points for the year end but could not decide what to have, I took this opportunity to redeem a RM50 KFC voucher on a pretext I don't actually spend a single sen from my pocket to buy KFC. This way, I will not be feeling too guilty. He agreed and arranged for the redemption.

The voucher was supposed to arrive about 3 weeks ago. Till this very day, my husband was still having arguments with the courier company on the delivery of the voucher. Because the issuance of the voucher was under my husband's name, the courier refused to release it to anyone else at home. Somehow rather, the voucher was always sent at the wrong time, first time when my husband was still at the office, second time when he was still on the way from office and had not reached home yet and the third time, he was out buying the school textbooks for the children. He was so frustrated waiting for the voucher and fighting over the phone with the representative from the courier office, that finally he decided to give up.

"Either you send me the voucher or not, it's up to you. I don't care anymore!!!"

So here I am, sitting in front of the laptop and writing this entry in my blog, thinking....

"Agaknya niat tu tidak pada jalan yang baik, sebab itulah sampai sekarang Allah tak makbulkan..."

Oh, well....(heavy sigh)

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