Sunday, 24 January 2010

Unexpected visitor

Rain has been heavy lately. There has been strong winds as well. I found the rain water dripping from a hole at the ceiling of my son's bathroom. Made a check. The roof is intact. No leak. It means no problem. But somehow water could still go through the tiny-miny holes in between the slates because of the strong wind factor. Need to do something about it before the water rip open the ceiling one day (sigh!).

But what I really wanted to share here is not about the ceiling, actually. The heavy rains and the strong winds brought a visitor stranded and trapped at the back door of my house. An enermous catfish..! Yikes! In a glance, it looked like a giant snake!

Where it came from, we really have no idea. Perhaps from the nearby drain. But the drain is too shallow for the fish to swim in. The rain water must have overflown a river somewhere and resulted strong current that dragged the fish along, threw it into a drain and left it stucked at my doorstep. Well, I suppose that's what must have happened. What else could I think of?

Bibik took all her energy to put the fish into a big basin (for God knows the fish was awfully heavy and slippery!), while the children shouted hilariously as if they were running away from Freddie Crouger on the Elm Street. The fish was still alive and we didn't know what to do. No way we are going to cook and eat it. Ewwwh!!! But we can't simply throw it away either...

After sometimes, we stopped an Indonesian passerby who was on his way back home from work. Offered the fish and turned him the happiest man in the world. You should see his BIG smile when he took the fish home.....

Oh! well...! Tak payah masuk pertandingan memancing pun, ikan datang menyerah diri kat rumah... Hahahaha! What an incident...!

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