Wednesday, 22 September 2010

This I got to share with you...

Assalamualaikum dear friends and readers...

I am back after a long Eid celebration. It was a great one! Allah has granted me lots and lots of hapiness this year by reuniting all family members together.  Syukur alhamdulillah....!

But something is holding me back from my daily activities. I am feeling blue, tired, depressed, sleepy, hungry, lazy, moody and heavy too! Can you guess why? Here's a hint....


  1. Assalamu Alaikum, Sis. I'm trying to take the hint, and here's what I have to say: Congratulations!!!

  2. Waalaikum salam, sis Nadia (really miss you much!)

    Thanks a lot. I am all smile right now. Alhamdulillah...

  3. Wow, Kak ati. Good news ye? napa x war2kan masa gathering ari tu?

  4. assalamo alykum dear sister,
    hope u all fine,im happy to see my blog appeal in your blogging,may Allah give u ajr in life and akhirah,
    really thnx for join a hand wid me and appreciate my efforts,i believe my god is with me and i compel to create this blog otherwise i had not much time in blogging.i had no idea for such a good response from all muslimahs to take interest in this task mashaallah...
    May god bless you.

  5. waalaikum salam, sis Ranii

    My effort is nothing compared to yours. That's the least I can do to help. Only if there were more people with strong courage like you in this world, I believe we could live together happily and peacefully.

    Keep up the good work. We here in Malaysia will always look forward to help the best we can, Insya-Allah.

    May Allah bless you too, sis. Take care! :)

  6. Dal, saja je nak kasi surprise kat Chah... hehehe... mangsa utama tu...

  7. lol ok here goes - a little bundle of joy on the way right? Congrats and I wish you a safe pregnancy.

  8. Salaams, sis Zainab!

    Welcome to my blog! You've guessed correctly. I am one happy person in this world! Thanks for the wish. Insya-Allah, I pray everything will be alright till the end. Ameen.

    Take care, sis!

  9. Masha'Allah sister Ati, this is wonderful news, may Allah SWT make it easy for you throughout your pregnancy and insha'Allah may your baby be a true blessing for your family. All the best sister, and remember to make a lot of dua as you are now in a sacred state.

  10. JazakAllahu khair, sis Zarina. Ameen to your duas. Please continue to make dua for me, ya!

  11. Congratulations sis!!! May Allah S.W.T keep you and your baby safe. Take care! :)

  12. Thank you for your dua, sis Hajar. I am truly sorry I ruined the plan to meet up with you this Eid because of my mood swings. Perhaps we could arrange something else some other time, Insya-Allah. You take care too!



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