Thursday, 30 September 2010

He has the best solution...

My husband has been listening with interest when I told him about my annoying waffles-smelling office. At one time he looked up to the ceiling as if thinking about something, at other times he would simply gaze at the floor. I can't decide whether he's concerned with my condition or the yummy waffles. When I've finished talking he looked at me with sparkling eyes and said,

"You have three options to solve your problem"

I got excited. Can't wait to hear what he's going to say.

"First option, you change your place of study. I propose you go to the library and study there."

"No, I can't do that. The air-conditioning is too cold for me I'll be shivering to death. On top of that, the library is too far away from my office." That's my reply. For a few seconds there was silence everywhere. He looked at me as if he wanted to swallow me alive.

"Then go for the second option" he slowly smiled.

"What's the second option?"

"You go straight to the person-in-charge or business owner at the student lounge and tell that person to stop making waffles immediately."

"Noooo...! I can't do that either! They must have signed an agreement or contract with the faculty that allows them to run their business there. I can't simply interrupt the business just because I can't stand the smell"

By now my lips have pouted.

"Then you have no choice but to go for the third solution."

"You'd better be serious this time!"

"I am serious!"

"Okay, what's the solution?"

He paused for a while before saying this...

"Wear a gas mask to office. I'll help you find and buy one"

I can't imagine how I would look wearing  gas mask....
Like an elephant, perhaps?

I was stunned to see him rolling on the bedroom floor, laughing hysterically. I didn't know what to say or how to react. I can't believe it!  Later my children came into the room and without knowing what happened, joined their father laughing and rolling on the floor! Owh! How could they do this to me? I turned sulky.

"Oh! No! Dad, now you're in big trouble!"  my son stared at me and kept updating my condition to his father.

"Don't worry, I know just how to reduce tonight's temperature"  the father patted his son (or partner in crime, I shall say) and instructed the children to go to their rooms.

My husband went out to a night market near our house and came back fifteen minutes later with a plastic bag full of yummy boiled sweet corn with butter. Oh well....*sigh*  He simply knows how to reduce hot temperature at night...

We finally made a deal. I'll go to office till end of this week only. Starting from next week, I'll work from home.


In the mean time, I guess I'll have to keep covering my face with something (but definitely not a gas mask, please!) to avoid the smell.


  1. Ok, I know you're having a hard time adjusting with all those hormones and all, but ... I'm sorry, can't help it ... hahaha! Your husband is so funny, sis!

    Love your picture too!

  2. Yes, Nadia, I know. He likes to tease me these days. Perhaps that's what makes me love him more. But how did the idea of me wearing a gas mask to office came to his mind?
    *pouty lips again*

  3. it's ok sis. stay at home for 2 months, then go back to office for work. I think 2nd trimesterthe prob will reduce. lagipun our next colloqium pun will be on december, cuma x confirmdate lg. no rushing sgt le kan. take care ya!

  4. Thanks, Dalila. At least someone out there understands how I feel at this moment... hahaha...I am now a QUEEN at is simply fantastic, except when I have my morning sickness. Wish it'll go away very soon.



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