Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Even the nicest thing could be annoying...

Just next to my office is the student lounge.

Previously, students came to this place to meet other fellow friends, or to do some revision, or to have short discussions on their on-going projects and assignments, or simply to kill time before the next class come.

But lately things have changed. I don't know when it happened, but now there's a counter set up to sell "bubble" drinks and something that smell like waffles (I have not checked it yet but I think it is waffles). So now and then there's this nice smell penetrating my room and got stuck in my nostrils. If I were not pregnant, the nice smell would have dragged me to the lounge to order one for myself (owh! Waffles with ice-cream toppings from A&W is soooooo yummy!!) But the issue here is, at this point of time, in this kind of situation, I can't stand the smell at all...It made me feel sick. I will puke! I can't go on and live like this!  Just suddenly this room is becoming too stuffy. It's torturing me slowly! I can't breathe! sob! sob! (Wow! look at me. What a drama queen I am!)

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Maybe tonight I should tell my dearie hubby about my plan to work from home. I don't think he would agree, because from my previous pregnancy experience, work from home means sleeping in bed the first half of the day and fully attached to TV programmes in the second half. By the time he came back from work, I haven't even finished writing my name on a clean piece of paper. Lazy me!

But this time I am serious. I need to get out of this office and go somewhere else where the air is fresher. Like the smell of the nature. I could concentrate on my study better when I am away from this room (Yeah! Right!)

Really, I promise this time I will not neglect study.

As for now, all I can do is to keep telling myself that I am a strong person and I can face this tiny-miny smell-sickness issue and that it will be over soon, Insya-Allah.


  1. How about just work from home for the first trimester? After that, the morning sickness goes away and you can hopefully return to your waffle-smelling office :)

  2. That is exactly what I have in mind. I am going to propose this to my husband tonite. Wish me luck! ;)



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