Thursday, 30 December 2010

Weird things about me... A fun way to close my 2010 diary

My oh my! 2010 is ending soon! How fast time flies nowadays! I don't seem to be able to set the milestone, how far have I ventured this year? What significant achievement have I accomplished so far (other than this significant growing belly...)? That's truly awkward, really.

Anyway, Blue Pearl tagged me in her blog for "Weird Things About Me"...I fell kind of excited to receive this task, because I have never been tagged before. (Thanks, Blue Pearl  **hugs**)

So, here are the things I could think of:

1) I can stay awake for more than 48 hours continuously and then fall dead for another 24 hours without experiencing any headache or head spinning afterwards. I can do this routine up to a week long.

2) I am not ticklish at all. Try as hard as you can, I won't budge. There won't even be any face reaction at all. Sorry, gals.

3) I can't be in an open space at high places (such as tall buildings) alone. Someone has to accompany me. Not that I am afraid of height. I have the tendency to jump. My first attempt was when I was 12. Maybe I should try the proper bungee jump one day.

4) I am not interested in hanging around with friends to pass my time without any particular purpose. There are no "Ladies' Day Out" or Ladies' Night" terms in my life.

5) I am a DIY person. When I renovated my house 3 years ago, I built the stacked stone wall for my front porch, I made my driveway out of washed pebbles, I drilled holes on the wall to install the brackets for my LCD TV, I painted the whole house, etc..etc. You don't believe me? You'd better do!

Last but not least.....the weirdest of all.....

6) I am addicted to the smell of my husband's armpit especially when he's all sweaty and just came back from work!!!!!  I would definitely stick my nose under his arm and suck the air into my lungs. Ummphhh...... Nice! Hahaha...!

Well, that's about it. What do you think, am I a weirdo enough? *blushy*

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Oh man! Not again!!!

Quite some time ago I put up these posts about the 'uninvited visitors' in my house: a gigantic catfish that was found stranded at the back door still alive (as it 'knocked' the door with its tail) and a tiny domestic mouse that came to visit at nights and chewed my floor mat into small pieces. We have eliminated them the best way we can for the safety of everyone in the house (especially my baby porcupine who insisted we keep the mouse as cuddly pet... what???!!!!)

I thought our problem is over until last few nights when there came another unwanted and unexpected visitor 'checked-in' into our master bedroom to share the same space with us to live happily ever after.

A CIVET!!!!!

Image taken from

The only different between us human and the civet is that we live in the room and it stays in the ceiling, right on top of us. We can hear it running here and there almost every night, starting at around 3 a.m. in the morning and would last for about a few minutes up to an hour before it disappeared to God knows where. I can't sleep during this time, for fear that this cunning animal might suddenly fall from the air and land straight onto my face.... On top of that, normally the next morning when we wake up, we'll be breathing in a room with this peculiar, nice smell of pandan leaves (pandanus amaryllifolius), a common plant we use to add nice fragrance and also green colouring in our cooking. It was the civet's urine that smells like pandan leaves! Masya-Allah!

I can't believe this! Our house is in the middle of a busy city. We have massive traffic jam in the morning and again in the evening. Constructions of new buildings are everywhere. The moment we open our eyes in the morning there will be many sources of noises from people's activities, vehicles, machines, etc., they're like music to our ears. Even when we retire to bed at night, we still can hear these noises. This is just to describe you how busy this place is. So where does this civet come from??? 

The more important question to think about is..... how do I get rid of it?


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