Friday, 5 February 2010

Highlight of the week...

This is the second day of water disruption at the university. Early this morning when I reached office, I received this message in my mailbox:

"SYABAS has repaired the pipe. Unfortunately, because of the water pressure or the lack of it, the rate of water flow into our reservoir is very slow, and it will be sometime before normal supply is restored. Syabas and JPPHB are monitoring the situation and taking whatever action that is necessary to restore supplies. Meanwhile, SYABAS will continue to send their tankers to supply water to campus"

Well, it's good that actions have been taken almost immediately to rectify the problem, but even when water is being supplied by SYABAS tankers as temporary solution, I believe they are meant only for colleges, cafes and the mosque. What about the offices?  I made a visit to ALL the washrooms located in this faculty in search of water (due to urgency to @#$%^&)  but to no avail! AAAArrrrggggghhhhh.....!!!!! This is serious problem, man!

"In view of the above situation, kindly be more judicious in your usage of water." 

Message in the email read further. Yeah, right.... !

About an hour ago I bought mineral water in a 500ml bottle from a convenient shop. Not to quench my thirst. But to take ablution so that I could perform my Zuhr prayer. Later I need to give my soulmate a call and ask him if we could retire early from the office today. I can't think properly right now. My mind is messed up. I am looking forward for tomorrow to come. I feel like it's been ages since I last sit at the sofa and tease my baby girl till she cry...

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