Monday, 1 February 2010

Cute and adorable he is...

Last Saturday, my family and I went to visit Chah at her home in Shah Alam. She is already in 7th day of confinement, after giving birth to a 3.65kg healthy baby boy that brings joy and happiness to the whole family.

This is Ahmad Ariff Hakimi, the baby who absorbed his mom's PhD journey and synthesizes them in his dream.
Penat la, tido kejap ye...

A tiny whisper on the global warming issue.... Huh!?
Patut la tak berbedung...alasan!

Such a fine baby who is always in deep slumber but loves to stretch every 20 seconds

Aida Amani & Ahmad Aqil Danial.... pipi sama bulat, badan sama tembam!
A perfect match, perhaps?

Note of desperation: Chah, you must get back to UM as early as possible. I am running a campaign to become the VC. Need your physical support. On top of everything, I need you to run amok at the DTC building every Saturdays 3 weeks before election. Rose could not do it well because everybody thought she's experiencing her first menses. Do you get what I mean???

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