Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sudirman Terasing

I seldom listen to the music. Most probably because I don't have a radio or any other music applications. But I like to listen to nice songs, sometimes I hummed them to reflect happiness in myself, in fact I like singing them outloud once in a while, just to reduce the tense that is building up in me. But nowadays, the opportunity of listening to the music only exist when I drive. Had it not been because car comes with audio equipment attached to its belly, I'll never get to listen to any songs at all. But worry not. I never cared who sings what. Not a priority in life.

But this morning when I was on my usual chore browsing the internet, I stumbled upon the lyric of a song by the late Sudirman Hj Arshad. He was my idol during the '70s and '80s. Back then I was his die hard fan(peminat mati keras???). I know all of his songs and memorise the lyrics. I even signed all my letters to my friends using his unique signature (ops!).

I can't tell which song I like the most because all of his songs were great. Including this one below. I used to sing it loudly in the bathroom, pretending that I was on stage, performing live in front of thousands of fans! (mati keras jugak???) Such an enegertic performance! I felt so alive! The crowd were cheering at me. Some of them even cried when they sang along with me..... Until I heard my mom's voice at high pitch outside the bathroom,

"Woi!! Dah lupa diri ke apa tu, terjerit-terlolong macam kena sampuk setan kat dalam bilik air tu!!!"


And so I'm thrown back to the ground. Hahahahaha......


Kegelisahan didalam kedinginan
Meniti sepi keseorangan
Sebuah kematian yang tiada bernisan
Sendu mengiringi perpisahan

Ruang nan luas diri bergerak bebas
Namun keupayaanku terbatas
Segala mimpi menjadi asing
Perit membakar diri

Sebuah cinta dan harapan
Menjadi mimpi berterbangan
Tersekat nafasku kabur pandangan mataku
Amat tersiksa diriku
Kerana kehilanganmu
Oh mengapakah terus mengharap menanti
Walau cukup kusedari
Kau tak kan kembali

Pemergianmu mengisi kekosongan
Biarpun dikau masih kuperlukan
Kita dikatakan pasangan bahagia
Kini terasing luka

Dear Sudirman,

Thank you for being such a great man during your days. You'll always be my favourite artist, till the end. Honestly, you're irreplaceable. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohmu. Amin.

...and yes, Que Haidar does have resemblance with Sudirman.

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