Thursday, 25 February 2010

A day out at Dataran Putrajaya

Once in a while it's fun to take the children out for a treat at a nice restaurant and then let them roam free on their bicycles after all the hardwork in schools and offices. We went to Dataran Putrajaya. There is ample space for hundreds of visitors from all walks of life to admire the beautiful scenery, snap some pictures, relax, chit chat, play, or take a nap, if it need be! Some regular visitors already know their ways around the place. They brought with them remote control cars (there's also one with a helicopter for show-off),  or play freesbie, and some of them even brought a flap chair and some magazines to read. The children enjoyed themselves very much, as much as we the parents did. Tired, but satisfied. It's shown on their faces. We ended up leaving for home at 12.30 a.m. Si tembam Aida was so tired that she dozed off in the car right away. Looking at her face when she sleep is so peaceful....

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