Saturday, 30 January 2010

ex-Demons 12 years later.....

I was searching high and low for something I've left unnoticed for many years, but I found something else instead....

A nostalgic picture of me and my ex-classmates (only a few of them) taken during Aidilfitri gathering last year. We are all graduates of De Montfort University of Leicester, England, 1997. It's been 12 good years now and everybody has become somebody in their expert field. Tam Masthura,Nor Azlina and Emizura were not in the picture. They could not join us the last minute.

Back, right to left: Shiful, Salini, Syed, Marina, Julia and Khairul. Sitting in front is Min and myself. Eh, mana hilangnya Faizal & Marliha?

Wish we could have bigger crowd in the next gathering.I've recently found Rosela, my so called 'soulmate'at the Kenneth Holmes Hall of Residence. I also found Mary, Angie, Magdalena, Ahmad Halfian, Syahanum, Raidah and some others through facebook. It's wonderful to be able to get in touch with them again. I miss you guys!!!

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