Thursday, 4 March 2010

Anders Backman - my Swedish friend

Introducing Anders Backman, 43, from Gottenberg, Sweden. Also known as Gnarl the Beast in Tagged. A simple man, yet full of humor. A very kind-hearted person, who devotes all his love to his beautiful soulmate, Tina Carlstorm and their three children.

I met Anders on the net. He approached me in one of the 'meet friends from all over the world' site and of course later we became friends. Honestly at first I thought he is a species that comes from the same tribe of mentally-retarded people who turn internet into an environmental apocalypse with their flirting demeanor -- in their first email they'll chant the common  'hi how are you doing' note and the next time they will ask if you're interested to have sex with them online! Sheesh!

But getting to know Anders..... I admit that he's different from the rest. He aims to make as many international friends as possible to fulfill his mission to improve his English language. In his very first email to me he even warned me 'dont get me wrong but I belong to someone else so don't even think of falling in love with me!'  

Hahahaha....*rolling on the floor*.  That's so straight forward but it's cute. I mean, how on earth would he be so sure that I will fall in love with him after several conversations? Hey Anders, that should be my line, not yours!

The beauty of our friendship...? Priceless! Of course we exchange common things like personal experiences, about relationships with our spouses, about raising the children, about works, traveling experience, adventures, past times, and many others, but the best of all is our 'foreign language session' where he'll teach me simple everyday Swedish language and I'll convert them to Malay language for him. Some of the words/sentences he taught me are:

God morgan - Good morning
Hej, mitt namn ar Ati - Hello, my name is Ati
Lat oss dricka kaffe - let's drink coffee
Jag foredrar te - I prefer tea
Kall? - cold?
Varm - hot
Vi ses nasta gang - We see next time
Ha en trevlig dag - Have a nice day
God natt - Good night
Jag alskar dig! - I love you!

...and of course the simple counting from one to ten... (I think for beginners like me, number six must be the easiest to remember!)

ett - one
tva - two
tre - three
fyra - four
fem - five
sex - six
sju - seven
atta - eight
nio - nine
tio - ten

We truly had good times together and I really miss him for these moments. Gosh! Wish I have more time to chat with him on the net. Well, I used to get hooked up to the internet at least five to six hours a day but since I am getting busier with my study I have to leave my friends aside for now. I have not written to him for many months, but I hope he will still remember me, just the way I remember him.

Anders, my good online friend. Like a rare diamond in the glittering sands.

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