Saturday, 3 April 2010

Umrah Ziarah Jordan 2010 The Series - The Countdown Starts Now

Three more days to departure date.

I am running out of time. The big day is coming soon. My preparation is almost complete but there are still some personal things that I need to buy. I am looking forward for the journey. So is my soul mate. We received many advices and guidance from friends and family members who have already been to Makkah and Madinah either for umrah or hajj. I get to know that it is now 40oC in Makkah. Will hot sun and dry weather give a big challenge while we are there? I pray not.

Yesterday was the last day I came to office. My long leave starts today. I am putting aside my study matters for a while. I leave everything in God’s hand. There are so many things to do in such a short time. My scoring checklist has been completed and validated by a prominent professor from Australia and a practicing accountant/auditor from Singapore. I have completed the scores for all 48 pilot samples and calculated the compliance indices. I, too, have completed the data entry into SPSS. But the sad thing is that I did not have ample time to run the data with the application. That’s the most looked forward part in my study, but that’s the one I am going to miss doing. Oh well, looks like I will have to postpone that until I come back.

Another serious matter to think of is my sister, Lina. Where is she? She promised to come and visit me before I depart for Jordan. Unfortunately, she had not shown up. Conversations with her has been very short and limited these days. We are both busy. But in situation like this, I really expect she could spend some of her time together with me. Will she come? I suppose if she loves me then she will come no matter how late.

Despite everything, I am so eager to go and be there at the Holy Kaabah. I can’t wait another day.

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  1. salam.kak norma leh bagi full add umah nak hantar kad kahwin.hanim sahabat umrah ;)email



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