Monday, 5 April 2010

Umrah Ziarah Jordan 2010 The Series - The Troublemaker

2 days more to the very much awaited moment.

I’ve cracked my head in two halves. By incident. I bought too many things and tried to squeeze everything into a medium-sized bag. Some can’t be included. Too big! Too many! Oh gosh! What am I suppose to do now? I need everything but I can’t take all.

While trying to pack more things into the bag, Aliya knocked the door and informed that my BIL and his family has just arrived. Hesitating, I left my sorting and squeezing tasks behind and went downstairs to greet them. I thought no harm could be done leaving my things lying almost everywhere on the floor of the bedroom. Who would want to touch them? Besides, the door was closed when I left. But eventually, my hypothesis was proven totally wrong.

Earlier, my husband sent the youngest sweetheart to bed. Two hours later when he went upstairs to get some documents from our bedroom, he shouted hysterically, which made me drop the cracker container I was holding. I rushed upstairs just to see this….

My cutie-pie, caught red handed!!!                       
I don't think lengthy explanation is needed here. Just look at the mess! On top of everything, just look at the face of this naughty girl ....

Naughty girl!

The whole bottle of that new shower cream was a gone case. She poured every single drop of the cream on top of her head and not to forget some on the comforter. The bottle is now empty.

Shower cream the victim

And sensing that her dear father was angry at her, she tried to make herself invisible behind the wall...

The perpetrator...
What a girl.... The consequence, I spent two hours mopping the slippery floor of my highly-concentrated perfumed bedroom!

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