Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ghajini 2008: The return of Aamir Khan

I am sure, at least once in your life, there must be a time when you watched a movie and was touched by the story line that you kept remembering it until after several days. Be it thriller, comedy, romance or any other genre, the after effect of the film made you continue thinking about it as if you are part of the story. Mesti ada, kan? Well, last week I had the opportunity to watch a Hindi film "Ghajini", starred by Amir Khan and Asin. Such a sweet love story that has a very sad ending. So touching. Until today, some good scenes from the movie are still re-played in my mind.

Amir Khan used to be one of my favourite hindi actor. His boyish face is so cute and attractive. But the moment the other two Khans conquer the industry, Amir suddenly disappeared as if he was swallowed by mother earth. I mean, he still played hero in some movies, but none of the movies reached my high expectation. His last film that I watched was "Mann" and that was way back in the late '90s. Since then, I had never thought that he would make a come back. I mean, seriously, all his films since "Mann" failed to get my attention. I can't waste my precious three hours watching rubbish till my butt hardened like metal, can I?

But then this new film released in 2008 really made me think of him as an attractive person (hello! attractive as in the movie la ye, not in personal life, okay!).

The film's story revolves around a rich business entrepreneur (Aamir Khan) who falls in love with an ad film actress (Asin Thottumkal). Sanjay Singhania, the owner of AirVoice India falls in love with Kalpana, the actress-model cum activist in several meet ups though she does not know that he is a tycoon. One day, her activist work for children comes in the way of child racketeers. When she successfully saves a bunch of children who were in danger, she is brutally murdered by a gang leader, Ghajini as she intervened with his plan of kidnapping 25 young girls to Goa. Aamir himself gets hit hard on the head when he tries to save her, eventually leading him into a state of short term memory loss.

Because of the severe injury to his head, his memory can only last for fifteen minutes and he doesn't remember events or incidents that have happened before in his life. He can now only live a comprehensible life by tattooing notes on himself and taking pictures of things with a Polaroid camera to remind himself of the incidents that have happened. Aamir’s status as a patient at the hospital is later studied about and helped by a psychology / medical college student, Chitra (Jiah Khan) who is searching for a patient with an "interesting" record for her college project. Chitra comes to know about his love story through his diaries he kept with him.

There is also a role of a police officer (Riyaz Khan) who is hunting Aamir due to several murders he has committed while trying to find his girlfriend's murderer through his diary. With the help of Chitra, Sanjay sets out on a revenge spree, searching for the murderer of the one love of his life... but then the romantic scenes in this movie are really, really romantic....Aww...!!

Tengok la citer ni... Tak rugi mengadap TV 3 jam bertenggek atas sofa macam burung jampok tengah-tengah malam. Dari mula sampai akhir, citer ni memang best...!!! Yang paling sedih, sampai ke saat akhir Asin mati, dia tak tau pun identiti Aamir yang sebenarnya...uhuk! uhuk!

Thumbs up for Aamir Khan and Asin!!!

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