Sunday, 17 January 2010

New South Wales, here she comes.....

Liana is flying to New South Wales, Australia today. She has managed to secure a place at the University of New South Wales. A four-year placement to pursue her doctoral degree in Islamic Accounting. That's a rare opportunity. Congratulations...!

We went to Bangsar Village Nando's to celebrate her. How odd it felt to be together again because it has been terribly difficult to gather all 6 ladies in a place simultaneously due to dissimilar workloads and individual schedules.

Minah-minah hippy-yippies

Talk to the FORK...!

Oh..! I am so sorry I have forgotten to snap some photos on the gift we bought for Liana... But I hope she'll like it.

Minah-minah skema

Tale of the bengong Bangfes tutor

Single and available...

Anyway, take care, sweet girl. God luck in your study. May Allah protect you from any kinds of evil doings and harmful people. Looking forward to meeting you again when you come back to collect your data here. Have a safe journey!!!

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