Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Saying goodbye to yesteryears.....

Today, with heavy heart, we let go of this house to its new owner
So many damages done
I am sad, only God knows how I feel

It should have been nice
Comfy place for us to get together
To run away from metro life
And sink deep into tranquility...

Each piece brings memory,
Each spot has its own story to share....
Hush! Let them be buried!
For I refuse to bend down to history

This was where I kept my diaries
Were they still there?
Who read them?
Did they know of our story?

Mom, they ransacked the kitchen!
Look! Your beloved punch bowl was there
Its glasses nowhere to be found
I am sorry.....

This was my bedroom
It used to be tidy
There was a flower vase close to the window
I was proud of my books on the shelves
My treasures

Nights and days were spent
with tears streaming the eyes
And wet the pillows
Again and again
Where is our Dad?
Why isn't he at home?

I bought the dining table
Forked out money from my first salary
I worked at Hitachi Air-Cond Bangi
I was an account officer

At night Dad used to rest here
He can't sleep properly in bed
It made him feel uncomfortable
Restless, endless nights
No one could endure the pain like he did
He was my superhero
He still is
I miss him dearly

Goodbye yesteryears
I suppose nobody cares in the end
They have forgotten the family
Fatimah, Wati, Lina, Za, Fadil, Farid, Eda, Firdaus
Perhaps one day I'll buy back the house

Will it do any good?

"Ya Allah! Kurniakanlah kesabaran yang teguh ke atas kami sekeluarga dalam menghadapi kesukaran dan dugaan Mu ini. Aku mohon padaMu, Ya Allah, tunjukkanlah kami jalan yang benar dan berikanlah balasan yang setimpal dengan perbuatan masing-masing. Amin."

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