Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Let the competition begin....

New school term has just started. Irfan is now in standard 5 and Aliya in standard 2. Time sure flies fast. Within a few blinks of the eyes, my children has grown up and I am getting older. Add another few years and they'll be out of school in no time. Just like any other parents, I want the best for my children. I send them to a good primary school (well, I've heard people said that Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan 3 is the best primary school in Bandar Baru Bangi). I send them to a reputable tuition centre (perhaps the one and only tuition centre in Bandar Baru Bangi that obtained operation licence and is registered with the Ministry of Education). I also put them into Abacus class, Tae-Kwon-Do class, add up with more swimming sessions..... All things that they love and enjoy doing and I love it too but I never have the chance to experience it at their age many many years ago.

Come to think of the young generation today, things are very different from the olden days. During my time, there was only sekolah kebangsaan without any sekolah agama. Which means I would be spending my time in school for 5 hours the most. The rest of the day was fully occupied with co-curriculum activities. I was a hockey player, for the school and for the state. Such a beautiful memory. Weekend was untouched. That's family time together. No extra activities involving schools. Unlike today, Saturdays and Sundays could not be considered off days any longer due to extra classes. Family vacation will have to wait until school holidays start.

Schools are also turning contemporary. We dont have any centre for ICT in my days. Desktop computers were aliens to us. There was fear that if you press the wrong button on the keyboard, the monitor will explode and you will die. At that time if you can type very fast with typo error at minimal, you qualify to work as temporary clerk with handsome monthly pay. There were also no pusat sumber, kaunseling rakan sebaya, hari kantin and year-end jamboree. Gosh! Where do these teachers find their time to organise so many activities in school?

Anyway, first day of the school term normally witnessed lots of parents in distress and running after their precious time to ensure their children settle nicely in their classes. Eager parents are those who sent their children to standard 1. Will my child be alright in school? Will he/she cry if I left him/her and head for office as I am running late now? Does he/she know where the toilet is? More important is to ask whether he/she knows how to clean him/herself when done? What is offered at the canteen? Does my child know how to trade their money with food of the same value? Is the canteen operator an honest person who returns the balance of money paid by these children? Oh! where is the classroom by the way? ........................

Achievement in 2009 summarised:

506,620 candidates sat for UPSR nationwide.

48,171 achieved 5A in their results.

95,826 applications were made to boarding schools.

6,600 only were accepted due to limited placements .

(source from Utusan Malaysia)

Of 48, 171 candidates with 5A, only 13.7% managed to secure placement at the boarding schools. What will and normally happen to the rest that fail to go anywhere? Will they be denied their opportunity for brighter future? How do they end up after school in 5 years time? But then, how sure are we that those kids that go to boarding schools will succeed and continue to university? How lucky can they be? (sigh) Long journey.....

Come, my children, it's time for you both to start running and win the race. Dont look back and never reduce your pace. Be strong and steady. Your dad will ensure your path to success is paved for you. I will run together with you and protect you from any obstacles.

Run! Let the competition begin......

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