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Is EARTH the biggest thing in existence?

Is the Earth the biggest thing in existence?

Certainly not!

Allah the Almighty has created planet Jupiter, which is 1,300 times bigger than Earth.

The picture compared the size of Earth and Jupiter.

Is there anything bigger than Jupiter then?

Certainly there is.....the Sun!

Can you see the arrow pointing at a small dot? That's Earth!

Is there anything bigger than the Sun?

Certainly there is... a star named Antares!

The arrow is now pointing at the Sun. We can no longer see our Earth because it's too small!
Masya-Allah..SubhanAllah! The bigger dot is actually the 'moon' that circles Antares. This is amazing!

Are there more stars like Antares or is it the only one?

There certainly are many more...!

This picture shows a small part of the sky with innumerable giant stars like Antares.

Is there something bigger than Antares?

There certainly is! The VY Canis Majoris..!

The small dot is "As-Syamsina" or the Sun. It would take more than 7,000,000,000,000,000 (7 quadrallion) Earths to fill the volume of VY Canis Majoris!!!

Is there anything bigger than VY Canis Majoris?

Of course there is... The Pulsar!!!

Pulsars are highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars that emit beams of radiation. Their radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing straight towards the Earth (sometimes also referred as 'The Lighthouse Effect'). The first Pulsar was observed on November 28, 1967.

Interesting fact about Pulsar:
Pulsars made strange sounds like a hammer or knock. The link below is from Cornell University database on the sound of Pulsars. Please listen to it. You'll be amazed.
Notice how the sounds seem like a knocking in the stillness of the night.

The Quran has related the details of Pulsar long before man discovered it!

Allah gives a description of these stars through two words: "Tariq" (knocking sounds) and "Thaqib" (magnetic waves):

"By the Heavens and At-Tariq (one who knocks at night): and what will make you to know what At-Tariq is? (It is) the star of piercing (brightness)" At-Tariq: 3-1


Is there something more in the Universe that is more significant?

Yes, there is.. The Black Hole.

Scientists have recently discovered the existence of the black holes they called Stars. The black hole is characterized by three properties:
1. It cannot be seen
2. Are at high speeds
3. Attract everything as if it sweeps everything from the sky.

Interesting fact, isn't it? The Quran has accurately described this long before man discovered the black holes in three words: "Al-Khunnas" (cannot be seen); "Al-Jawar" (moves swiftly); and "Al-Kunnas" (sweeps and gathers everything to itself):

"So verily I swear by the (planets) receded. and by the planets that move swiftly and hide"

Allah the Amighty!

If the Sun burns us (the Earth), the Pulsars emits harmful radiations and the Black holes sweeps everything up, how safe are we (the Earth)?

Allah the Almighty took care of that for us...

The Earth (blue planet on the right in the picture above) is surrounded by a very strong magnetic field that shileds us from harms. On rare occassion, the magnetic shield manifests itself beautifuly, like this: 

This is the picture of the polar Aurora, or,  after many years of study, the scientists refer to it as the Earth's magnetic field. The Aurora is Earth's defense mechanism.


Then there certainly is something bigger...That is the Galaxy...

A galaxy is a system of stars and planets. Many planets of different sizes and stars like Antares, VY Canis Majoris and Pulsars reside within a galaxy. They are just like small specs of dust in it!!! The galaxy where our Earth resides is called "The Milky Way".

How many galaxies are there?

The Universe has countless numbers of galaxies!!!!  Each of the small dot in the picture above is a galaxy!

Allah says in the Quran:

Anything bigger than the galaxies? Yes, there is!
There is something else SO BIG that even the countless group of galaxies will look like the spec of dust!

What is it?

It is "An-Naar"  The Hellfire...
The stones of the universe (galaxies) and human beings and jinns will be but only the fuel that burns in it!

And there is something MUCH BIGGER than the big An-Naar...

It is "Al-Jannah" The Heaven...
The Jannah is more gracious and spacious, prepared for the believers.

So, is Al-Jannah the biggest thing of all?

No. There is one more that is the biggest of all...

It is "Al-Arash ArRahman"
This is the Throne of Allah, and one leg itself extends over heavens and earths. And even the Throne is nothing but so small in front of The Majesty of Allah Almighty alone.

This is where everything ends, because He is the First and Last.

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