Thursday, 25 March 2010

Most embarrasing moment...

March Hare was in the royal kitchen when the White Queen entered, Alice trailing at the back. As if she was well acknowledged that March Hare is as mad as his tea-party member the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse, the White Queen suddenly ducked her head, with no expression what so ever on her face when March Hare threw a saucer to her.

On the contrary, the saucer flew so fast directly towards my face, that I instinctively raised both hands to cover my face from being hit. Not only that, I also half-shouted "Uh!" for it was so unexpected.

As a result, other viewers seated close to me in this 3D movie (especially those at the back rows) laughed out loud and made fun of me for not being alert. Uhuk! Uhuk!  Kuang ajaq punya arnab!  (menjerit ala-ala Rita Rudaini @ Mami Jarum).

Well, the movie is as exciting as told by friends who recommended it to me. It's worth watching, especially in 3D. I wish I could keep the creepy Cheshire Cat as a pet. Could task him to answer the door for me. And the Red Queen could well be the butcher in my humble kitchen.  I like her line,



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