Friday, 19 March 2010

My people, my country, my question.....

I love to take pictures with my Nokia N70. It comes in handy whenever I need it. It's considered a piece of obsolete technology, now that Blackberry, LG Chocolate, Samsung and many other whatchamacallit brands conquered the market overnight. But I am happy with it.

Last Friday when my husband and I went to Kuala Lumpur to shop for necessities for the close coming umrah, we stopped by at Masjid India so that my husband could perform his Friday prayer. While waiting at one of the seats outside the mosque, I took the opportunity to take some pictures of what's going on around the place using my handphone.

This was taken half an hour before the Friday congregational prayer started. This old man has been statued like that in the middle of the hot sun for almost 45 minutes, in the state of a deep trance. I have been watching him for quite sometime and could not stop wondering what the old man was thinking when he stared blankly at the prayer mat. Was he not happy, tired, demotivated or feeling empty-hearted?

This was an old woman who sat just right next to me during the Friday congregational prayer. I thought she, just the same like me, was waiting for her husband before continue with their errands, but no, that's not the case. To my surprise, at one point of time she suddenly leaped forward to a man who was carrying big bags in both hands - FREE FOOD for sadaqah. These food were packed in small containers and distributed to poor people around the mosque by wealthy people who want to make good deeds on Friday. Masya-Allah, what a scene! I was so startled that I didn't even think of taking the picture to show how poor people, many of them who suddenly appeared from almost every corner of the mosque, 'attacked' the bags to get the food.

This was an old mother who belongs to nobody, taking a nap at the second floor of the mosque, after Friday prayer, perhaps tired after waiting and struggling for free food downstairs just now. Who wants to claim she is their mother? Who wants to take her home and give her proper food, clothing and shelter? I pray God protect her and have mercy on her.

Back at home, this was a couple of youngsters who sell raisins in boxes to commuters of a shopping complex. Should not they be in school at this hour? What motivate them to sell to the public? Money? Do they need money?

I could snap thousands and thousands of pictures of people living their lives in a poor state. But I can't load them all into this blog and I know damn well I don't have to do so because you (reader) also experience such scene everywhere you go, right? Once you've seen those pictures above that reflect the lifestyle of average Malaysians today, I'd like to ask you this question,

WTF is Permata Seni Muzik and Permata Seni Koir for?

Do we look like we need music and become a choir member to make sure food is fed into our mouth everyday to continue living? Can music guarantee we survive globalisation? Do other ISLAMIC countries have such fund to produce people who can sing well and play music, just like Malaysia? WTF, man?

There was something cold and sinister about the reply I received so far...

"lu pikir la sendiri"

I curse that 'Red Queen' from The Wonderland with big head and wide forehead who stares at young men with her ghostly eyes who always think of how to wallop more public money in her fat belly before her term ends...!!!

I curse this stupid bunch of zombie followers for putting blind eyes on this and kept telling the citizen "everything is in control"

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