Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Maria Tunku Sabri and me

I saw Maria Tunku Sabri in her latest TV commercial last night. She immediately reminds me of myself. We both actually have one common experience in life: Now I'm plump, now I'm slim. One moment slim, another moment plump. Today I'm plump, tomorrow I'll be slim again. Hahahaha...!!!

I suppose the age factor plays important role in determining how high your metabolisme burns the calories from your food intake and daily chores. I used to be a thin girl, but then I was active in hockey.

And netball.

And tennis.

Oh well...I can't live without sports.

But when hippie-yippie school days were replaced with hectic works at the office, my movement seemed restricted. I can't jump up and down when I've completed the assigned business proposal. I can't simply race towards the lift sharp 5.30pm for fear my kain baju kurung will go rabak. I also can't show-off my skill of tossing crumpled papers straight into a bin put far away on purpose. On top of all, I need to control ayu because men will instantly run away from me once they see me terkinja-kinja like monkeys on hot tar. Hmm, tak kawen la aku gamaknya.

Really, why must we be bothered if a woman looks a little bit plump? Are plumpy women evil? None that I know of. Thinner women are meaner and nastier, I can tell you that. In fact, most plump women that I know have pure hearts. They might put on extra size pants and shirts, but they actually have tiny little sensitive hearts.

Moral of the story, I don't actually care if some friends greet me and say,

"Hey I think you've put up a few pounds lah. Just look at your swelling tummy!"

Me and Maria Tunku Sabri are the same. We are happy with how we look like. That is why we can pose up sweet smiles on our faces. No food craving or calories restriction. No worries to skip the gym once in a while. If a dress gets too tight to put on, just buy another one. As long as you know you don't have any health problem, then why the unnecessary worries? Just make sure you do not cross the line and land in the obese territory. You'll be fine. Plump women are attractive. Just like Maria Tunku Sabri.

And me too. *perasan giler!*

Live life to the fullest. Live life as happy as you can with no regret. Be a good Muslim!


  1. es gibt auch sehr schlanke , schlanke und alles darüber hinaus , die auch lieb, nett und vor allem sehr klug sind.

  2. Thank you for your comment. And yes, I agree with you on that. Slim women are not all bad. Some are intelligent. And I could not deny their beauty either!! Cheers! ;-)



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