Friday, 19 March 2010

Lost and found, fate and destination

I was delighted to have found some friends, not only ordinary friends, but long long lost friends since I left primary school in 1984, SDASA in 1989, UiTM Johor in 1994, and De Montfort University in 1997. So many things took place within this range of 13 to 26 years of separation. When I first found Nxx via Facebook, she didn't even recognise me, eventhough we used to be best friends. Then I found Zxx, who was my 'public enemy' at school. It turned out that now Zxx is much closer at heart to me than Nxx. Some of them, like Exx, Nxx, Sxx, and Axx have settled somewhere abroad for quite a number of years and only come home to celebrate Eid Mubarak. It's sad to get to know about the demise of some familiar faces due to either critical illness (Lxx suffered from cancer) or fatal accident (Qxx was riding his bike when he was hit). To my surprise, some of my girl friends like Sxx and Kxx still stay single at the age of 38! And some like Mxx and Cxx already have grown up children as big as 17 years old when my eldest son was only 11...

I am proud to see those who do well in their lives. Friends like Exx, Mxx, Jxx, Fxx, Bxx and many more excel in their career paths. They are the top people who make decisions for the organisation they are attached to. Well done, guys! Then there are also those who did not quite make it, ended up at a much lower rank and found it difficult to push up the ladder further, like Axx and Jxx.

I also noticed that most of us now are guided well on the path of Islam. We live the Islamic way of life that promotes simplicity, modesty, harmony, humble, respect, less conflict and happy. Alhamdulillah. May we all be protected from the burning fire of hell. But there are also those minority who live in western styles and cultures. It's shocking to see familiar faces who used to be so naive in school many years ago, now have blond hair and wear mini skirts and put on thick make up and polish their nails red. More shocking to get to know that some even cosume alcoholic drinks and ignore their duty to pray or fast in Ramadhan. Astaghfirullah! May Allah shower them with lots and lots of hidayah so they'll be able to repent and turn back to the right path before it's too late.

Getting to know all that had happened to my friends really made think that I am truly a lucky person.

I am not rich, and I am thankful for that, else I would have forgotten to look down at those who are in need.

I am not poor either, and I am thankful for that, too, cause I might end up becoming a person with low self-esteem.

I am not pretty, and I am thankful for that, else I might be walking on the street in blond hair and mini skirts and spaghetti straps.

I am not ugly either, and I am so thankful for that, else I might be spending too much money buying beauty products and perhaps blame God for his creation.

I am not the VP or CEO or CFO or BOD of any company, and I am thankful for that, else I would have less time for my family.

But then I am not jobless either, and I am thankful I got just the right career for myself. Teaching has been a passion and it's in my blood line. I am happy to disseminate knowledge to everyone who seek for wisdom.

I am happy for being plain me.
Guided by the Almighty.
Living in peace.
Syukur Alhamdulillah.

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